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Mama Africa Stylin’

Hello guys,

I’m back again with another style post, last weekend I was absent from the blog and I apologize for that. I was swamped with the task of moving back home and trying to get my whole life on track.

DSC_0603 (2)

I hope we had a good week tho? I spent most of  mine unpacking, planning and also lazing about.

DSC_0604 (2)

Also thanks for all the love you all showed on my previous post, y’all keep me going with your comments and likes. I’m super grateful.

DSC_0643 (2)

In this post; I’m wearing something totally different from my regular style.

DSC_0632 (2).JPG

I’ve had this Ankara (African print) material for  a while now and I had no idea what to make of it, then one day during my usual Instagram scrolling scrolling; I stumbled on an African print, pleated maxi skirt by an African inspired wear brand. I thought to myself, I can replicate this and that’s exactly what I did.

DSC_0599 (2)

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I gave my material to a budding tailor and she nailed it. Maxi skirts aren’t really my thing yet this one felt and looked nice too. What do you think?

DSC_0623 (2)

I paired the skirt with a black, cotton, long-sleeved top, black heeled – sandals and I made a turban from the leftover material. I also stuck with simple accessories because less is always more.

DSC_0622 (2).JPG

Peep my raffia purse which I got last minute; it totally came in handy for this shoot with the whole African theme I got going. Totally serving Mama Africa Vibes!

It’s funny how most of my Ankara fabric comes in pink, purple and blue. I really need to embrace other colors and switch it up.

DSC_0631 (2)

I took these shots around my NYSC house (If I can call it that), something like a farewell to The Town. I love the whole contrasting vibe that was present in the environment. Can you feel it too?

DSC_0645 (2)

That’s it guys; I just might make one or two more maxi skirts as the spirit leads.

What’s your take?

Are maxi-skirts your thing?

How would you style this?

I’d love to hear from you.


Outfit Details

Top – Thrift |  Skirt – Ankara, Tailored | Heels – Zara | Accessories –  Random Buys | Raffia Purse – Road Side Retailer

Photography – Bello Boluwatife (@bello_b_ on Instagram)

Till next time,

DSC_0628 (2).JPG



25 thoughts on “Mama Africa Stylin’”

  1. Farewell to your NYSC house, what a tag… I liked the turban especially and the maxi-skirts are rather trendy and decent.. Try get your life on track too as we are all trying to do… Can’t wait for the next post…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kunle. That house really holds a lot of memories and I’m surely going to miss it but we move yeah? Yes! Asides the African theme I was also aiming for a modest look and I’m glad you noticed. I’ll definitely hurry up and put together something for the coming weekend. Thanks for your support truly appreciate it.


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