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Yetunde – Sarumi Inspired

Happy weekend guys, sure the weekend is going well despite the heat wave and economic crisis we are facing in this part of the world.

Yesterday (February 20, 2016), I was at the Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses partaking in a spiritual banquet alongside family and friends.

Due to the severe weather conditions and the structure of the auditorium, I decided to keep my outfit super simple with minimal accessories.

My peplum top was inspired by Yetunde Sarumi (@yetundesarumi on Instagram) this clothing line has the nicest and simplest African print peplum tops.  Since I could not purchase one of these lovely tops I decided to give a budding tailor to recreate something similar, and she did a really nice job.
Check it out and let me know your thoughts.





Now here’s the outfit inspiration;




Also, check out their website for other African Print Wears – Yetunde Sarumi

Did my tailor do a good job? Let me know your thoughts.

Peplum Top || Tailored
Skirt || Lagos Island
Shoes || Thrift Store
Suede Clutch || Handmade
Photography || Tife Bello

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