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Fall 2017 Fashion Trend – The Beret, Yay or Nay?!

The last time I wore a beret was definitely six years ago, while I was still in secondary school (read as High school). Hence, it's comeback to the fashion scene hit me like bandadadang.  Like, I didn't hexperrit! Hi guys, I'm back with a quick one! I can't keep apologizing for my inconsistency on here… Continue reading Fall 2017 Fashion Trend – The Beret, Yay or Nay?!

Life Lately
Life Lately

When Life Gives You Lemonade… | Not Your Usual Life Lately Post.

I've been unintentionally away but I'm back guys! Here's what I've been up to lately.

Mixing Ankara Prints
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A Beginner’s Guide To Mixing Prints

I bet there are a thousand and one blog posts and fashion articles on the web on "Mixing Prints" yet I'm posting mine anyway. Mixing prints is pretty easy once you follow the rules and stay true to your creative side. I'm keeping this simple and short since I'm only just adding my 2 cents… Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide To Mixing Prints


5 FREE Digital Tools Every Blogger Should Be Using

Blogging might seem like a pretty much simple hobby to many yet the opposite is the case. The art of blogging goes beyond writing down your thoughts and putting up visually-appealing graphics. There's a lot involved in the process yet with the right tools the stress and workload can be reduced. There are so many… Continue reading 5 FREE Digital Tools Every Blogger Should Be Using

Fall Style Inspiration
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How To Wear An All White Outfit In Fall

Hi guys, Hope we're having a good week? Here's something to start off your day! #FallStyleInspiration2017

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Fall Style Inspiration | The Little Burgundy Dress

I'm a sucker for fall colours as they are always, muted and have an earthy tone. Asides Burgundy and Olive; Tan, Eggplant, Burnt Orange and Cobalt Blue are other colours synonymous to fall.


4 Practical Things To Do During a College Break

Hi guys, Yes! I said I was on a break. No! I'm not fully back. I just felt to share these helpful tips for those in the tertiary institutions who have been affected by the #ASUU Strike. Here's a quick explanation for my foreign readers, I'm all the way in Nigeria by the way,  many… Continue reading 4 Practical Things To Do During a College Break

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20 Months of Fashion Blogging so far…

Hi guys, It's been an awesome 20-months (A year and  8 months) of blogging so far. I opened this blog in 2012 but didn't start blogging properly until December 2015. Here's my very first blog post here and here's a post about the people who motivated me to start my own blog. Did You Know?… Continue reading 20 Months of Fashion Blogging so far…

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90’s Fashion – Styling Loose-Fit Jeans

Hi guys, This is going to be a real quick post. As I'm super tired and need all the rest I deserve. Hope you had a great week though? As the title suggests I'm styling loose-fit jeans because 90's fashion is so in right now and all things baggy and oversized is the new cool.… Continue reading 90’s Fashion – Styling Loose-Fit Jeans

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The This or That Beauty Tag

Hi guys, Here's my first post for the month of August. Kindly check out the previous one too. Who can believe it's only 4 months left till the year runs out? Anyway, I was tagged by Ore of  NextDoorChic  to join in this tag she named the "This or That Beauty Tag". It's a fun tag… Continue reading The This or That Beauty Tag