Fall Style Inspiration
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How To Wear An All White Outfit In Fall

Hi guys, Hope we're having a good week? Here's something to start off your day! #FallStyleInspiration2017

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Fall Style Inspiration | The Little Burgundy Dress

I'm a sucker for fall colours as they are always, muted and have an earthy tone. Asides Burgundy and Olive; Tan, Eggplant, Burnt Orange and Cobalt Blue are other colours synonymous to fall.


4 Practical Things To Do During a College Break

Hi guys, Yes! I said I was on a break. No! I'm not fully back. I just felt to share these helpful tips for those in the tertiary institutions who have been affected by the #ASUU Strike. Here's a quick explanation for my foreign readers, I'm all the way in Nigeria by the way,  many… Continue reading 4 Practical Things To Do During a College Break

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20 Months of Fashion Blogging so far…

Hi guys, It's been an awesome 20-months (A year and  8 months) of blogging so far. I opened this blog in 2012 but didn't start blogging properly until December 2015. Here's my very first blog post here and here's a post about the people who motivated me to start my own blog. Did You Know?… Continue reading 20 Months of Fashion Blogging so far…

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90’s Fashion – Styling Loose-Fit Jeans

Hi guys, This is going to be a real quick post. As I'm super tired and need all the rest I deserve. Hope you had a great week though? As the title suggests I'm styling loose-fit jeans because 90's fashion is so in right now and all things baggy and oversized is the new cool.… Continue reading 90’s Fashion – Styling Loose-Fit Jeans

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The This or That Beauty Tag

Hi guys, Here's my first post for the month of August. Kindly check out the previous one too. Who can believe it's only 4 months left till the year runs out? Anyway, I was tagged by Ore of  NextDoorChic  to join in this tag she named the "This or That Beauty Tag". It's a fun tag… Continue reading The This or That Beauty Tag

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Tips to Dressing right for a Job Interview

“Being well dressed hasn’t much to do with having good clothes. It’s a question of good balance and good common sense.” - Oscar de la Renta Dear Prospective Employee, So you've got the grades, your skills set is on point, you've gathered a little experience and yeah your Resume CV is looking great. You've applied… Continue reading Tips to Dressing right for a Job Interview

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Major Life Lessons Learnt in 20+ years

Currently Listening to: Scars to Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara Hi guys, Hope we have a great weekend planned? For me I'll be indoors as usual catching up on social media, thinking up great ideas and just being me. It's been raining a whole lot in these parts and this has hindered my outfit shoot… Continue reading Major Life Lessons Learnt in 20+ years

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Styling Ankara Bell Sleeves II – Chic Look

Hi guys, Who missed me? Awww! I apologize for my absence yet I truly needed a break plus I was busy attending the CAG Branding Workshop I mentioned here. Even though the rains tried to rain on my parade literally, I made the best of the situation. Outfit deets coming later in case you didn't… Continue reading Styling Ankara Bell Sleeves II – Chic Look

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Currently I Am 12

If you are a first timer on the blog, you might be wondering what the "Currently I Am'' tag is all about. Well, this is basically like a stock-taking post, where I give you an insight on what is happening in my life at the moment so it's more like a life lately post.