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Bringing Back the 70’s: Styling Bell Bottoms and Boot-Cut Pants.

Currently Listening to - Wizkid ft. Drake - Come Closer Hi guys, Welcome to the blog once again, Who missed me or did anyone even notice my absence? I announced in one of my IG posts that I was taking a weekend blog break yet I didn't get the rest I really needed. Why? You… Continue reading Bringing Back the 70’s: Styling Bell Bottoms and Boot-Cut Pants.


Just Before You Go-a-Thrifting

"He who will not economize, will have to agonize" - Confucius Wise man that Confucius, He totally knew what he was saying when he uttered the words above. Thrifting or the art of purchasing second hand items has become the new cool, gone are the days we used Β to feel shy or embarrassed because we… Continue reading Just Before You Go-a-Thrifting

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Mama Africa Stylin’

Hello guys, I'm back again with another style post, last weekend I was absent from the blog and I apologize for that. I was swamped with the task of moving back home and trying to get my whole life on track.   I hope we had a good week tho? I spent most of Β mine… Continue reading Mama Africa Stylin’

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Currently I Am 10

Hi guys, Welcome to another month, week and day. Hope we all had a splendid weekend? It's exciting that we are done with the first quarter of the year, wasn't it yesterday we were all excited about 2017. Anyways we gotta do all we can while we can because time indeed waits for no one.… Continue reading Currently I Am 10

Erin Ijesha Waterfalls
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About Last Week’nd | A visit to Erin Ijesha Waterfalls

Hello guys, I just love how these titles come to me with so much ease, ain't I just a blessed somebody? Anyways, welcome to another weekend. I hope we are having a Β good one? Mine has been fair enough. The title of this post kind of reminds me of the movie "About Last Night" but… Continue reading About Last Week’nd | A visit to Erin Ijesha Waterfalls

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Send Me Nudes

Currently I Am Listening to - Zayn Malik - Lucozade Damn! There I go again with the cheeky titles LOL. Well, I'm back, this time with a style post. Thanks for the love you all showed in my previous post even though I didn't get to promote it as much as I would have loved… Continue reading Send Me Nudes

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Error 404 – Title Not Found

  Currently Listening to - Jon Bellion - All Time Low Fear NOT! You're on the right page. It was difficult coming up with an apt title so I opted for the above. You can help suggest an appropriate title when you're done reading though, reminds me of those Β English comprehension passages we took in… Continue reading Error 404 – Title Not Found

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Hey! 2017+ 2016 Pictorama

Hey guys, Welcome to another weekend. Hope yours has been going well? Mine sure has been fair enough. In my previous post here, I mentioned that I wasn't going to do the cliche 2016 recap and that's why I did the trends thing instead. Today I'll be looking at my fave looks from 2016 and… Continue reading Hey! 2017+ 2016 Pictorama


Currently I Am 3

Heyyyy guyssss! Can you tell how excited I am? I have so many things to share with you this weekend. This isn't a style post it's a life post (Hahaha I'm official a Life Style Blogger). So this is my third post in the Currently I Am series, look forward to more πŸ˜‰ Here goes;… Continue reading Currently I Am 3