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5 Trends I’m Loving Lately

Heyyyy! People it’s another 3-day weekend for those of us in Nigeria and it’s also the end of yet another month. Please who knows where 2017 is flying to, because I juss kent unstend.

Anyways, I’m glad you could take out time to check out this teeny weeny blog space of mine. Your support has been amazing and I’m super super grateful.

So we all know we are 4/5 months into 2017 and of course there have been tons of trends on the fashion scene. I’ll be sharing five of my favorite trends so far; be sure to let me know your faves and other trends that may not be included.


  1. Floral embroidery – First time I saw a floral embroidery hat all that came to mind was Retro! Retro!! Retro!!! Embroidery is so old school yet chic; and I’m impressed with the way we have incorporated it into 21st century fashion. We have floral embroidery on sneakers, shirts, hats, jackets; You name it. This trend has also inspired a lot of DIYs. I’m yet to jump on this trend but when I do you gon’ be the first to know.

2. Bell Sleeves – This trend came from 2016 alongside deconstructed sleeves and exaggerated sleeves and as mentioned in this post, it’s not leaving anytime soon. I’m planning to hop on the bell sleeves train soon soon Issa must.


3. Fringe hem – Just like the bell sleeves, the fringe hem has been around for a while but it seems it’s really gaining ground this year or is it just me? You can find it in tops, dresses and even as frayed hem in denim pants.

bell sleeves fringe dress.jpg
2 Trends in 1 outfit. Can you spot them?

4. Mules: Our grand mummy shoes are definitely here to stay. This was one trend I usually admired from a distance but with the way footwear designers are making it soooooo appealing; I don’t mind jumping on the train. Even Nigerian footwear designers are not carrying last on this one.

5. Fishnet tights and Distressed denim combo – Last but not the least is this trend. I guess I’m just going to keep looking at it from a distance because I’m not certain it can really work in our climate or society. Never say never tho! For the fun of it, I wore my fishnet tights underneath my slightly distressed jeans and I was eager to take it off because the heat was real LMAO! If you can handle the heat tho; you should definitely go for it or just wear your tights the regular way; underneath a dress or skirt.

So that’s it guys, the trends I’m loving lately. Feel free to share your favorite trends and let me know which ones you have tried or are willing to try.

Also I just started getting the hang of Pinterest so if you have an account please follow me there and kindly keep up with me on my other social media accounts.

Till next time,



19 thoughts on “5 Trends I’m Loving Lately”

  1. I’m also loving floral embroidery!🌸🌹 those heels are so cute! Fishnets can look pretty cool too but I don’t know if I’d wear them

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  2. As always, this is a short and precise post. What the f*** is distressed jeans, never heard of them before. I however love the Fringe Hem…

    Liked by 1 person

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