Mama Africa Stylin’

Ankara pleated maxi skirt style inspiration.

Hello guys,

I’m back again with another style post, last weekend I was absent from the blog and I apologize for that. I was swamped with the task of moving back home and trying to get my whole life on track.

DSC_0599 (2)

I hope we had a good week tho? I spent most of mine unpacking, planning and also lazing about.

Also thanks for all the love you all showed on my previous post, y’all keep me going with your comments and likes. I’m super grateful.

DSC_0603 (2)

In this post; I’m wearing something totally different from my regular style.

I’ve had this Ankara (African print) material for a while now and I had no idea what to make of it, then one day during my usual Instagram scrolling scrolling; I stumbled on an African print, pleated maxi skirt by an African inspired wear brand. I thought to myself, I can replicate this and that’s exactly what I did.

DSC_0601 (2)

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I gave my material to a budding tailor and she nailed it. Maxi skirts aren’t really my thing yet this one felt and looked nice too. What do you think?

DSC_0623 (2)

I paired the skirt with a black, cotton, long-sleeved top, black heeled – sandals and I made a turban from the leftover material. I also stuck with simple accessories because less is always more.

DSC_0604 (2)

Peep my raffia purse which I got last minute; it totally came in handy for this shoot with the whole African theme I got going. Totally serving Mama Africa Vibes!

DSC_0644 (2)

It’s funny how most of my Ankara fabric comes in pink, purple and blue. I really need to embrace other colors and switch it up.

DSC_0645 (2)

I took these shots around my NYSC house (If I can call it that), something like a farewell to The Town. I love the whole contrasting vibe that was present in the environment. Can you feel it too?

DSC_0637 (2).JPG

That’s it guys; I just might make one or two more maxi skirts as the spirit leads.

What’s your take?

Are maxi skirts your thing?

How would you style this?

I’d love to hear from you.

Outfit Details

Top – Thrift | Skirt – Ankara, Tailored | Heels – Zara | Accessories – Random Buys | Raffia Purse – Road Side Retailer

Photography – Bello Boluwatife (@bello_b_ on Instagram)

Till next time,

DSC_0625 (2)



25 thoughts on “Mama Africa Stylin’

  1. Farewell to your NYSC house, what a tag… I liked the turban especially and the maxi-skirts are rather trendy and decent.. Try get your life on track too as we are all trying to do… Can’t wait for the next post…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kunle. That house really holds a lot of memories and I’m surely going to miss it but we move yeah? Yes! Asides the African theme I was also aiming for a modest look and I’m glad you noticed. I’ll definitely hurry up and put together something for the coming weekend. Thanks for your support truly appreciate it.


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