5 Fashion Icons from my Favorite TV shows

Hola guys! It's another weekend and I'm excited to be here. I hope y'all are having a good weekend too? Thanks for all the love you guys have been showing; the stats have truly been encouraging. Today the on the blog I'll be featuring 5 Fashion Icons from my favorite TV shows. In case you … Continue reading 5 Fashion Icons from my Favorite TV shows


Mama Africa Stylin’

Ankara pleated maxi skirt style inspiration. Hello guys, I'm back again with another style post, last weekend I was absent from the blog and I apologize for that. I was swamped with the task of moving back home and trying to get my whole life on track. I hope we had a good week tho? … Continue reading Mama Africa Stylin’

Mystery Blog Award

The Mystery Blogger Award

Hello guys, I hope we are having a good week? This post has been sitting in my drafts for wayyyy too long which is quite unusual as I always respond to tags like this immediately. I was actually tagged by two awesome people Oreoluwa and Desmond for The Mystery Blog Award. Thank you, Ore and … Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award

Kindly Send Me Nudes…|Not your Average Style Post.

A Style Blogger's Favorite Nudes Damn! There I go again with the cheeky titles LOL. Well, I'm back, this time with a style post. Thanks for the love you all showed in my previous post even though I didn't get to promote it as much as I would have loved to. Life totally happened this … Continue reading Kindly Send Me Nudes…|Not your Average Style Post.

Tales from the Town #5 – South West Tourin’

Currently I Am listening to - Mr. Eazi x Leg Over. Hi guys, Welcome to yet another weekend. I'm so glad we are finally in the month of March that's 3 outta 12 already. So quick?? I kinda want things to keep speeding up because it's a sign that we are living in the last … Continue reading Tales from the Town #5 – South West Tourin’

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The Wedding Guest: Styling a Monochrome dress

Here's how I styled my monochrome flared dress. Holla! Holla!! In Wiz Khalifa's voice How are we all doing? Good, I suppose. The way the days keep flying I juss kent relate. I mean January has been divided in half already?? Like so soon??? Anyways, we all just need to be thankful always because it's … Continue reading The Wedding Guest: Styling a Monochrome dress

2016 Style Recap and a Welcome to 2017 Speech.

Here's a quick recap of my favorite style posts of 2016 plus a brief welcome to 2017 speech. Hi guys, Welcome to another weekend. Hope yours has been going well? Mine sure has been fair enough. In my previous post here, I mentioned that I wasn't going to do the cliche 2016 recap and that's … Continue reading 2016 Style Recap and a Welcome to 2017 Speech.

Tales From the Town #3

It's really hard to believe that 4 weeks ago we were super excited about the month of August and it's gone like poof! Out goes August in comes September, time sure does fly. This is totally a sign that we need to speed up whatever our hands find doing because the end is near and … Continue reading Tales From the Town #3

My Current Wishlist

Hi guys, yes two posts in a row are you surprised? I was going to combine this post with the Liebster Award III but I chose not to bore you. Here are the items I'm currently wishing for and I'm sure going to get them once I return to Lagos (Soon! Soon!!) 1. Baseball Hat … Continue reading My Current Wishlist

Liebster Award III

Whoop-dee-doo! It's the weekend again, don't you just love how time keeps fleeting? I'm super excited and can't wait for the year to be over so I can carry out my life plans. I know I've been slacking on outfit posts due to some reasons, I can't apologize enough, but very soon I'll get back … Continue reading Liebster Award III