17 Fashion Trends 2017
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17 Fashion Trends that Rocked in 2017

17 Fashions Trends that rocked in the year 2017? Let’s take a look.

Hi there, Welcome to 2018! Yes, we are 6 days into another year but it’s not too late to say welcome. I hope we’re all making the best of our time and setting realistic long and short term goals.

At the start of every year, I make a list of the major Fashion Trends from the previous year. I started this category when I began my blogging journey and I decided to stick with it. You can read the previous ones, here and here.

This year, I’m dividing the trends into sections for easy navigation. I’ll also be sharing the trends I styled personally and my favourite looks from your favourite style influencers.


Disclaimer: This post contains more pictures than words so be prepared.


In 2017, clothing items from the 70s, 80s and especially the 90’s made a huge comeback. Here are some of them;

  • Mom jeans


grace alex mom jeans 2017 fashion trends
Grace Alex

Ankara Bucket Bag


Casj #OOTD featuring Mabeli Inspired Ankara Bucket bag

  • Bell Bottoms
vanessa ohaha bell bottoms 2017 fashion trend
Vanessa Ohaha


Bringing Back the 70’s: Styling Bell Bottoms and Boot-Cut Pants.

  • Bell Sleeve Tops and Dresses
bell sleeves 2017 fashion trend epiphany 29
Grace Epiphany29

DSC_0118 (2)

20 Months of Fashion Blogging so far…

  • Plaid coats and jackets
plaid jacket style by ada 2017 fashion trends
Ada Oguntodu (No Ordinary She)
plaidjacket 2017 trend ganiyat salami
Ganiyat Salami (Samurai Hijabi)

2017 Fashion Trends also featured a ton of creativity, edginess and colourful vibes.

  • Handpainted denim
Ifeoma Amadi
handpainted denim epiphany 29 2017 fashion trends
Grace Epiphany29

  • Floral Embroidery
Sarah Audu
  • Applique and patches
2017 Fashion Trends
Nonye (ThisThingCalledFashionn)
  • Fishnets underneath Denim
kachi of staples fishnets and denim 2017 trend
Kachi of Staples

fishnets trend shewa jay 2017 trends
Shewa Jay


  • Slip dresses
slip dress 2017 trend zaynaro

  • Corsets layered over shirts 

corset over whit shirt 5
Ifeoma Amadi


  • Pajamas and Night Robes
thonia bankz pajama trend
Thonia Bankz
2017 Fashion Trends WanShyGirl Blog
The LazyOutfitter

Lade (Toyin’WithFashion)


Still on the 90s…

  • Retro Sunglasses
cobain sunglasses collins haute 2017 fashion trend
Collins Haute

In my opinion, these white Kurt Cobain oval shaped sunglasses were one of the most worn eyewear pieces of 2017.

  • Fanny Packs

thonia bankz beret fanny pack 2017 fashion trend
Thonia Bankz
wumi tuase fanny pack 2017 fashion trend
Wumi ‘Tuase

  • Beret

beret trend 2017 shewa jay
Shewa Jay

Read This? – Fall 2017 Fashion Trend – The Beret, Yay or Nay?!

2017 Fashion Trends WanShyGirl Blog
Collins Haute

  • Woven Straw and Bamboo bags

This was one of my favourites. Funny how the trend spread like wildfire. It doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere though.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Larisa le fleur

DSC_0623 (2)

Mama Africa Stylin’


  • Mules
uzzy mami mules 2017 fashion trend

It’s funny how I still don’t own a pair of mules yet they keep moving on the trend ladder.

  • Low Block Heeled Shoes
styling mixed prints, floral skirt, vintage shirt
Sarah Audu
Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Grace Alex

There you have it guys, a round up of 17 trends that rocked in 2017.

I understand that we had so many other trends yet these are the ones that were practically on my radar. Feel free to mention the ones I omitted.

Note: All highlighted texts are clickable links, so click one today and check out your favourite style influencers’ blogs.

Which trends did it for you in 2017?

Which will you keep rocking in 2018?

Which do you feel should retire in 2018?

I’ll love to hear from you.

Until next time,


2 years blogiversary

56 thoughts on “17 Fashion Trends that Rocked in 2017”

  1. Woooh…This is so huge
    You sure did a cool job writing on 2017 trends.
    I love them all, I’m not so sure I’ll want to rock all.

    Fishnets, underwear as outwear and PJs trend need a certain level of confidence and swag to rock effortlessly or else you will look mehh.

    Retro glasses trend?! I disliked the Kurt Cobain glasses, maybe because every dog and their grandma has it or maybe because it didn’t fit me😂😂

    Beret trend is also cool oo but I can’t get over beret and secondary school memories yet. This year, I only had the opportunity of rocking the bell Sleeved trend and I enjoyed it.

    For trends that need to go, embroidery (am so tired of seeing that rose flower design), PJs trend and corset over shirt. I really need a mom jean, one as baggy as that of Grace Alex and a hand painted denim jacket😭😭😭 (Oh Lord, send my helper to this comment).

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of the trend styled in 2018. Also anticipating new trends from the year too. I’m not a sucker for wearing trendy pieces but I love trends, Trends are the evidence of the evolution of fashion… How to to rock the trend, that’s where style comes in.

    Another thing I didn’t answer?? No? OK bye!😝😝

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hey babes I love this comment! I’m so framing it hahaha!!! I absolutely agree that some trends require confidence to slay in them. I see I’m not the only one who dislikes the Cobain Inspired glasses, they were just so everywhere like ugh! 😒😒
      The floral thingy gotta go too. Go hunting for mom Jeans and you’ll definitely find a good pair.
      I really want hand painted denim too and I’m hoping to cop one this year.
      Babes you’ve said it all abeg!
      What’s your IG handle, let me know if I follow you already.
      Thanks for commenting. Means a ton!!!


      1. Framing kee?? Is it how I’ve become a celeb, just like that??😂😂. Thank you for the love o, I feel it pouring out plenty plenty.

        Nna I’ve hunt tire o, I didn’t see any mom jean, maybe fuel price aff chase them comot from forest😂😂.

        Btw, You don’t follow me already o, I just joined our Instagram. Here’s my handle: street.walker__(two underscores)… Mind you, no picture dey dere oo.

        Abeg thank you ojare, oshey kpukpo!

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Ohhhh! You just opened an Instagram account? No wonder. Ehyah! You just might have to get the Mom Jean from our online thrift stores. I sincerely appreciate the comment that’s all 😄😄😄. Thanks Mami 😘

          Liked by 1 person

          1. please where is the online thrift store? I need more mom jeans, never enough
            And definitely what I’m bringing into 2018 is tha jeans and fishnets.
            Not comfortable with the block heels and glasses too

            Liked by 1 person

          2. I tell you Mom jeans are definitely going to be a staple for me. I’ll send you a couple of Online stores on Instagram or you could just go thrifting yourself so you can get it cheaper and have the chance to see what you are buying before paying, Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

            Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! I’m currently obsessed with bell sleeves, I love them cos they are a fun way to make a simple outfit dramatic. Most of the clothes I made last year had bell sleeves. That’s the only trend I rocked from this list. I’m not big into trends and truth be told, I’m not sure I can pull most of them off. I’m better off just sticking with classics. Again, nice post👍

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Bell sleeves/bottoms, fanny packs, mules! Omg mules were tots my fave. I think the only trend I wasn’t too big in was the beret one, never had a reason to wear them before so they always turned out looking weird on me. Thanks for the feature babe 😘😘😘

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I am so sticking to mum jean and beret trend. I plan to try gingham and plaid this year tho. Talking about Cobain, I think it suit some people and it doesn’t for some. Thanks for the feature💕

    Liked by 4 people

  5. I’m so in love with this post. Funny how I never owned any in 2017 😅 but I’m so stocking up most of this now except for the fannypacks though, can’t see myself wearing it as a fashion staple.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. What an amazing post!! Never thought of these many trends! Particularly the bell sleeves are always a love.. Keep posting such unique content!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. How am just seeing this post idk but this is such a well rounded post hun!!! I already hoped on the beret trend this year and looking to try out more too especially the mom jeans (when i find a pair that fits -_-)
    Thanks for the feature also 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Better late than never Lade. I already know you are a beret connoisseur giving us left and right. Are mom jeans meant to fit? Lol! You’re welcome, thanks for reading as well.


    1. Thanks Nina, I enjoy doing these recaps and I’m glad you loved reading this one. Mom jeans are definitely a fave among everyone. Thanks for stopping by my blog 😀


  8. Mom jeans. Heck yeah. So glad mom jeans are back in. I feel totally sexy in mom jeans. But definitely not like a mom. If the purpose of “mom jeans” is to make you feel like a mom, they’re not doing their job

    Liked by 2 people

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