17 Fashion Trends that Rocked in 2017

Hi there,

I did a quick recap of the major fashion trends of 2017.
Check them out and feel free to share yours.
Also, don’t forget that sharing is caring so you know what to do πŸ˜‰


Fall 2017 Fashion Trend – The Beret, Yay or Nay?!

The last time I wore a beret was definitely six years ago, while I was still in secondary school (read as High school). Hence, it’s comeback to the fashion scene hit me like bandadadang. Like, I didn’t hexperrit! Hi guys, I’m back with a quick one! I can’t keep apologizing for my inconsistency on here…

4-Nigerian Style Bloggers Who Inspired Me To Start My Own Blog

Here are 4 Nigerian Female Style Bloggers who inspired me to start the WanShyGirl blog. Heyyy guyyyyyyssss! I know y’all be having fun and enjoying this festive period but I just had to drop this post because it’s super necessary. So please take out some time from all that merriment and read through this post…