10 Colorful Instagram Accounts You Should Start Following To Brighten Up Your Time Line

If you hadnโ€™t noticed yet, color is kind of my thing. Although you’ll never see me wear head to toe colorful outfits yet I try as much as possible to showcase this side of me on my Instagram page.


My sudden love for color has equally led me to discover some of the most colorful and well-curated Instagram accounts. These accounts offer up daily inspiration that helps me look for the color in everything I see and experience.

Gone are the days when people post random stuff on the ‘gram without a cohesive theme in mind. Many creatives have opted for neutral tones or vintage color schemes which are quite appealing to the human eye.

Yet the pages that have captivated my soul are those filled with color from pastel pink to mint green and soul blinding yellow they’ve captured it all.

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When I seek color or just in need of creative energy these are some of the Instagram accounts I stalk and you all should too.

I’ll be listing them in no particular order and also give a brief about the persons running the accounts.

Move over Neutral Instagram Feeds, Colors Are Here To Stay!

1. Color Me Courtney

The one thing that attracted me to Courtney’s page was her stop-motion videos. Her page is amazingly bright and beautiful. She’s something of a fashion blogger and Instagram influencer. Check out her page to see more colorful creativity.

2. Studio Diy

Kelly Mindel is the brains behind this page. As the name suggests she does a lot of DIY Crafts using the most colorful pieces. She also showcases her colorful style alongside her beautiful family.

3. A Whimsy Wonderland

This page is run by two Lifestyle bloggers Jen & Cort based in Los Angeles. They travel to the most aesthetically pleasing locations and share all the goodness on the ‘gram.

4. She Wears Color

Gabby Torres is another style blogger after my heart. Not only does she celebrate her curves she also showcases her colorful style and city.

5. African Unicorn

Real name Cynthia Nyogesa. Cynthia’s feed was one of the first colorful feeds I fell in love with. Not only is she a talented creative she has a fun way of showcasing color through many walls she finds in her city. You can’t help but fall in love with the African Unicorn.

6. Adam JK

Adam Kurtz is a graphic designer and author. He has one of the coolest pages on the ‘gram and the best part about his work is that they literally motivate you.

7. Rommydebommy

One rule of thumb – Never visit Rommy’s page on an empty stomach. Rommy is not your everyday accessories designer. She makes the coolest novelty purses, all inspired by food. She also shows off her colorful style to promote her merchandise. You can’t help but get hooked to her page.

8. Splendid Rags

Leslie Schneider is a travel and style blogger who has one of the most amazing colorful feeds on the ‘gramosphere. You’ll definitely need a pair of sunglasses before you check out her page.

9. RC Clayton

Curated by Rosie Clayton. Rosie shows off her style and travel adventures and the most colorful walls she finds on each journey.

10. Hot Pink Pineapples

Cyn is the brain behind this page. She understands that “The world is full of color ” and because she lives in it she’s gotta share it. We’re grateful she’s doing so.

Bonus Page

10+1. WanShyGirl

Curated by Ebun Bello. Ebun has a thing for the color yellow and she’s striving to showcase every bit of it on the ‘gram. From her outfits to the places she visits and her little purchases there’s a bit of yellow to see.

If you made it this far, you deserve some accolades.

What kind of feeds do you like?

Which other colored feeds have you discovered that did not make it on the list?

Iโ€™ll really love to read your thoughts.

Until next time,


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12 thoughts on “10 Colorful Instagram Accounts You Should Start Following To Brighten Up Your Time Line”

    1. Thank you Fehintola :D. Having a colorful feed in Nigeria might not be so easy seeing as we don’t have so many colorful walls around. I only stalk these pages to fuel my inner cravings for color. I appreciate your comment. Thanks once again.


  1. Kilode?? I had to shift to my phone back a lil. Am not really a color fan, trying to incorporate colors into my outfit! But its difficult finding pieces


    1. Hehehe! The Colors were too blinding fa? I wasn’t a fan either but things have changed. The question is Where are you searching? Pieces yapa oooo you just have to be looking in the right place.


      1. My sister maybe am not searching right. Where apart from yaba?! Been searching for a green denim since forever,I keep seeing seeing coudroy


        1. Oshodi, Aswani, Ketu, Ikorodu Lagos Island or any random place they sell clothes. I shop at Super around Abule Egba there’s stuff there as well. You just have to be on the look out. What shade of green though?


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