Life Lately
Life Lately

When Life Gives You Lemonade… | Not Your Usual Life Lately Post.

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I’m sitting here behind my room desk typing this post at 3am. It’s quiet and serene it’s the best time I can create. So Life Lately?

Lately, life has pretty much being a whirlwind. Like where did time go? Why is it all moving so fast??

7 months ago, I was faced with the task of moving home and facing the struggles of every Nigerian Graduate after completing their usual Youth Service ( read as NYSC wahala). Now, I’m home and taking life one step at a time.

READ SOME OF MY NYSC TALES here, here and here.

Let me take a step back. How have you guys been? We’re roughly 8 days into the month of November and I’m just getting round to saying welcome. Please excuse my manners!

Anyway, I have a ton of content in store for you guys but it’s all in my head as I haven’t gotten round to executing these plans. While everyone has been ticking off life goals here’s what I’ve been up to:

Reading – Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and one book that I enjoyed the most was “The Defining Decade”. It’s legit a life-changing book every twenty-something should read. I’m currently at crossroads in life but I’ve picked a couple of useful tips from this book. I strongly recommend.

Life Lately

I’ve also been reading a ton of articles about blogging, SEO and all other digital jargon. It’s so overwhelming that’s why lately I’ve been…

Watching – a ton of Comedy (my favorite genre btw) TV shows to maintain sanity. Just kick back, relax and have a good laugh!

life lately young sheldon
One of my current favourites.

Learning – Everyday I keep learning one thing or the other about this blogging thing and I’m grateful that there’s so much FREE information out there for newbies like me. It’s funny that, I’ll have been blogging for 24 months by December yet I still consider myself a newbie.

Shouts to members of The Bloggers Advocate Support Group. If anyone on the group is reading this, I just want to say a major thank you. You guys have been an amazing support system.

Planning – to tick more goals off my bucket list. The year is practically over and I’m glad I was able to check a couple of things off my bucket list. I hope to get over my fear of failure soon enough and JUST DO IT!

Looking Forward to – attending the GTB Fashion Weekend which comes up this weekend. If my social anxiety doesn’t creep in last minute you’ll definitely catch me on the 1st day of the event. So feel free to say Hi if you spot me.

life lately gtb fashion weekend

Hoping – to get back on track with blogging and life in general.

That’s a quick recap of life so far. This was supposed to be a “Currently I Am” post but I decided to switch things up. Hence, there will be no more “Currently I Am” posts. Say hello to, “When Life Gives You Lemonade…”

Life threw a huge pitcher of Lemonade at me but like a wise man from one of my Favorite TV shows once said…

“When Life Gives You Lemonade, make Lemons and Life will be all like… Whaaaatttt??!!” – Phil Dunphy (Modern Family)

So here’s to Loving, Learning & Living!

What have you been up to lately? I’ll love to hear from you.

Till next time,


22 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemonade… | Not Your Usual Life Lately Post.”

  1. I’d love to read the book as well.
    Dear I must say you’re creative about the tittle, when I saw your post on instagram on this, I told myself I must read this.

    It’s a great switch from “currently I am” and I applaud you for that.

    When life throws bricks, we should return it with a mansion. It’s best to make use of whatever life throws at us.

    I so much love this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Nifemi for your support. Send me your email address so I can send you the book. I also agree with you on making the best of every situation. Looking forward to your comments on future posts.


  2. It feels cool to relate to ones life when you are probably going through the same life stress but together we will conquer so cheers to living, self love and learning.

    Lately I’ve been too busy to write on my blog or even read other blog posts but thank God I came across this, thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I like the new title, not as cliched as the one we’re used to huh. Sadly I haven’t been reading much books lately, but I hope I get around to finishing some of the books I already started. And wow can’t believe you’ve been at this for two years girl, the newbie days are over now. I do hope you get back into the blogging groove, there are so many things one needs to know in this blogging thing and sometimes it can get so overwhelming. I’m just trying to enjoy the process for now.

    Princess Audu

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a ton Sarah, I’m equally trying to enjoy the process and not let numbers and figures overwhelm me. I know right! Like poof and it’s almost 2 years??? I do hope to get back on track ASAP!


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