What’s In My Bag? – High School Teacher Edition.

Currently Listening to : Jon Bellion  – Hand of God.

Who else can tell that I’m currently hooked on Jon Bellion? After all my shakara I finally joined the bandwagon 🙈.

For reals tho I’ve literally been seeing the HAND OF GOD in my life and it’s been amazing. I know He’s been good to y’all too.

Anyways, hope we all had a good weekend? I’ve been trying to drop this post for days now yet it’s not been forthcoming I don’t know who I offended 😐

Last week I took a blogging break, which I really deserve, and it was worth it. I’ll definitely let you know what I was up to in time  just hang around wouldja 😉 ?

As the title suggests, yes I found a title for this one, I’ll be giving you a peek into my life as an High School teacher. I’ve been serving my country for about 10 months now and as I’ve mentioned here, on weekdays from 8-2 and sometimes 4, I teach English language at a community high school.

What then would you find in my work bag?

Let’s get to it shall we?

First off, I always carry a Satchel to work and I’ve got 3 to choose from because yeah I have a thing for satchels. The amount of load I’m carrying and my outfit usually determines the statchel I carry.


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In my bag you’ll definitely find my textbooks, lesson notes, marks book, red pen and blue pen.

Peep my cute wallet.

A bottle of water is also a must because after all the screaming and shouting human being’s throat will be parched and man’s gotta stay hydrated ya know?

My phone charger, earpiece and phone itself are items I cannot do without. How else am I going to preoccupy myself when I’m less busy? Plus my dictionary and Google are all in one place. Yes! My smart phone :mrgreen:😁.

My wallet is also a must in my bag. Who else gon pay for my lunch and miscellaneous??

My fave of all 3 flat lays.

My sunnies case never leaves my bag and my clear cat – eye frames have become a regular because I feel they give me that serious nerdy look. Who thinks otherwise? 


Let’s not forget my amazing Fashion Jotter (the cute little blue jotter) I got at this event. I always carry it everywhere because inspiration can come anytime, anywhere. In fact, the idea for this post came while I was at work.

IMG_20170208_101250_926 (2).jpg
When Inspiration Hit.

Other items that find their way into my bag occasionally include :

  • Chewing gum,  because mans breath gotta stay fresh.
  • Lip gloss or lip stick.
  • Tissue paper

That’s it guys, soon soon the contents of my work bag would change because I’m about to be done with this high school teacher life 😀

What’s one item that’s always in your work or school bag? 

Which is your fave of the flat lays? The different backgrounds was purely intentional 😉

I’d love to  hear from you.

Have a fab week ahead.

Till next time,





16 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag? – High School Teacher Edition.”

    1. Hey baby girl thanks. I swear I didn’t get the Jon Bellion hype until I listened to one of his mix tapes and then his current album, the guy is just 3 good. You should go to bed btw why you still up?


    1. Hahahaha thanks Kunle. The cane is readily available in the staff room so it’s not a problem. I swear their wàhálà is too much I just can’t deal sometimes. Thanks for stopping again really means a lot 😊

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