5 Fashion Icons from my Favorite TV shows

Hola guys! It's another weekend and I'm excited to be here. I hope y'all are having a good weekend too? Thanks for all the love you guys have been showing; the stats have truly been encouraging. Today the on the blog I'll be featuring 5 Fashion Icons from my favorite TV shows. In case you … Continue reading 5 Fashion Icons from my Favorite TV shows


Tales From TheTown #1

Hello guys, Happy new month to you. The year has officially been cut in half its not been rosy but I'm trying to to make the best out of the rest of the year. I actually spent almost 45 minutes typing this post last night but somehow it just didn't publish crazy network down here … Continue reading Tales From TheTown #1


Hello guys, Tha weekend is finally here and I'm super glad. I've been itching to drop a style post but due to some reasons it's not been possible. So here goes the long overdue STYLE POST Replica? Why replica?? Basically a replica is a lookalike or a copy of something yeah??? I've been lusting for … Continue reading Replica

Still On Vintage Vibes

Have you ever walked up to someone and be all "Hey! lovely skirt" and in response the person goes all... "thanks, but they are trousers" I can imagine the shock and surprise on your face, been there done that. Today I'll be writing on... *drumroll* Yeah! you guessed right, Culottes!!!! Culottes or Split - Skirts … Continue reading Still On Vintage Vibes