Hello guys, Tha weekend is finally here and I'm super glad. I've been itching to drop a style post but due to some reasons it's not been possible. So here goes the long overdue STYLE POST Replica? Why replica?? Basically a replica is a lookalike or a copy of something yeah??? I've been lusting for … Continue reading Replica


Simple Living

Hello Guyssssss! Happy weekend and welcome to month of rains LOL. I'm super glad I got the chance to post this weekend, I've been busy settling into my new home and familiarizing myself with the environment. Still trying to see how I can be consistent with my blogging plus I really, really need a photographer … Continue reading Simple Living

Everything Will Fall In Place

Heyyyyaaaaa fammmmm! Can you tell how excited I am? It's been 14 days (Two whole weeks) since I last wrote a blog post and I feel so withdrawn already. Oh! How I've missed sharing my thoughts on here. Starting a whole new life can really be challenging and demanding. I've been battling with writer's block, … Continue reading Everything Will Fall In Place