Still On Vintage Vibes

Have you ever walked up to someone and be all "Hey! lovely skirt" and in response the person goes all... "thanks, but they are trousers" I can imagine the shock and surprise on your face, been there done that. Today I'll be writing on... *drumroll* Yeah! you guessed right, Culottes!!!! Culottes or Split - Skirts … Continue reading Still On Vintage Vibes


Channeling Vintage Vibes on the Red Carpet

Hello guys, hope you had a wonderful weekend. Here's a quick post showing how Hollywood stars have been channeling vintage vibes on the red carpet. Kate Hudson Brie Larson Khloe Kardashian Dascha Polanco Patricia Clarkson Michelle Monaghan Olivia Wilde Malin Akerman Happy Reading! Do drop your comments. WanShyGirl

Trends:Bringing Back The 70’s.

Bell bottoms or wide legged pants as they are also known were a fashion rave in the 70's. Fashion is forever revolving, therefore it is not surprising that these pants are making a comeback. Wide-Legged pants come in varieties. They could be loose or fitted, casual or formal, plain or pattern. The choice belongs to … Continue reading Trends:Bringing Back The 70’s.