Currently I Am 8

Hola Amigos! This post is wayyyyyyy over due, but I'm dropping it anyways. I'm going to be brief and go straight to the point. As the topic suggests, this is a life lately post but there's nothing going on Β that you don't know about already. So here goes; Currently I Am: Wearing : less and … Continue reading Currently I Am 8


Currently I Am 7

Hey guys, Its the weekend once again, I really love the way the year is running tho. I can't wait for it to be December so I can go home and be butty (Nigerian slang for a posh kid) again, I'm tired of this independent pako (total opposite of posh) life. The month of October … Continue reading Currently I Am 7

20 Facts About Me

GET TO KNOW ME BETTER - 20 Facts about Me. Happy Weekend Guys, I hope the month of September has been good to you? With all those rains and showers of blessings, I suppose the answer is in the affirmative. It's just three months left till the year runs out and I keep saying how … Continue reading 20 Facts About Me

Currently I Am 4

It's another weekend again, I wish I could sound excited but I can't. This past week hasn't been all that exciting; I've been homesick and all but doesn't stop me from keeping you posted on what I'm currently about πŸ˜‰ Here goes *drumroll* Currently I Am; Wearing: one of my favorite mini dresses, I mean … Continue reading Currently I Am 4

Currently I Am 3.5

It's officially summer season guyssss, Yasssss! Though it's more like spring here in Nigeria because rain, rain, rain! Currently I Am 3.5? You might be wondering why 3.5?? Well I've never written a Life post back to back before, but due to current circumstances I can't do a Style post. Therefore this is a continuation … Continue reading Currently I Am 3.5

Currently I Am 3

Heyyyy guyssss! Can you tell how excited I am? I have so many things to share with you this weekend. This isn't a style post it's a life post (Hahaha I'm official a Life Style Blogger). So this is my third post in the Currently I Am series, look forward to more πŸ˜‰ Here goes; … Continue reading Currently I Am 3

Currently I Am 2

Hey guys, I'm here again, a few of my close friends have actually been wondering why I'm posting so frequently and in response I say "Consistency is Key." I know I can't post fashion stuff on a regular basis therefore I'll be doing the "Currently I Am" tag patented by Ifeoma of WhoWhatFab Check out … Continue reading Currently I Am 2