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Major Life Lessons Learnt in 20+ years

Currently Listening to: Scars to Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara Hi guys, Hope we have a great weekend planned? For me I'll be indoors as usual catching up on social media, thinking up great ideas and just being me. It's been raining a whole lot in these parts and this has hindered my outfit shoot… Continue reading Major Life Lessons Learnt in 20+ years

Life Lately, Simply Bants

Currently I Am 12

If you are a first timer on the blog, you might be wondering what the "Currently I Am'' tag is all about. Well, this is basically like a stock-taking post, where I give you an insight on what is happening in my life at the moment so it's more like a life lately post.

Life Lately, Simply Bants

Currently I Am 11

Heyyyy guys, Happy weekend. I can't believe how far this series has gone, eleven already? Well check out the very first one here and see how far we have come. I'm so excited about all the love I've been getting here on the blog and on my social media, y'all make my heart rejoice, and… Continue reading Currently I Am 11

Life Lately, Simply Bants

Currently I Am 10

Hi guys, Welcome to another month, week and day. Hope we all had a splendid weekend? It's exciting that we are done with the first quarter of the year, wasn't it yesterday we were all excited about 2017. Anyways we gotta do all we can while we can because time indeed waits for no one.… Continue reading Currently I Am 10

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About Last Week’nd

Hello guys, I just love how these titles come to me with so much ease, ain't I just a blessed somebody? Anyways, welcome to another weekend. I hope we are having a  good one? Mine has been fair enough. The title of this post kind of reminds me of the movie "About Last Night" but… Continue reading About Last Week’nd

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Tales from the Town #5 – South West Tourin’

Currently I Am listening to - Mr. Eazi x Leg Over.  Hi guys, Welcome to yet another weekend. I'm so glad  we are finally in the month of March that's 3 outta 12 already. So quick?? I kinda want things to keep speeding up because it's a sign that we are living in the last… Continue reading Tales from the Town #5 – South West Tourin’

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Error 404 – Title Not Found

  Currently Listening to:  Jon Bellion - All Time Low Fear NOT! You're on the right page. It was difficult coming up with an apt title so I opted for the above. You can help suggest an appropriate title when you're done reading though, reminds me of those  English comprehension passages we took in high… Continue reading Error 404 – Title Not Found

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Currently I Am 9

Hello guyyyyssss, Welcome to another weekend. Hope your week was splendid? This week was surely a good one for me, though it was stressful and quite demanding but y'all still made my week with all the love I got from my previous post. Thanks a lot guys! I really, really appreciate and I promise to… Continue reading Currently I Am 9

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90’s Kool Keed (TFTT#4)

Hola Fam! Its just been a couple of days since I dropped the previous post, check it out here if you haven't, but for consistency sake I have to drop the weekend post that has been in my draft for some days. Whoever says blogging is easy is such a joker. Blogging totally goes beyond writing… Continue reading 90’s Kool Keed (TFTT#4)

Life Lately, Simply Bants

Currently I Am 8

Hola Amigos! This post is wayyyyyyy over due, but I'm dropping it anyways. I'm going to be brief and go straight to the point. As the topic suggests, this is a life lately post but there's nothing going on  that you don't know about already. So here goes; Currently I Am: Wearing : less and… Continue reading Currently I Am 8