Meet The Nigerian Skincare Brand Helping Women Fix Their Skin Issues One Product At A Time.

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Every woman wants beautiful, healthy, clear skin and for this reason they constantly seek remedies to fix their skincare issues.

The passion with which women seek these remedies resulted in the birth of Lo’sglam Beauty Haven.

Meet Lo’sglam Beauty Haven

Lo’sglam Beauty Haven is a Nigerian skincare brand, run by expert esthetician Oladipupo Omolola.

Located at 25 Bishop street, off Ishaga road, Surulere , Lagos, this brand boasts of an average of over 150 unique customers monthly (offline and online).

Oladipupo Omolola Losglam

This Skincare Brand proffers treatment for a wide range of skin problems such as Acne, Sunburn, Dark spots, Eczema among many others.

Formulated from thoroughly trusted, purely organic ingredients, her range of products continue to garner praise from customers, and even doubting thomases who decided to take the leap and give them a try.

Founded in May 2017, Lo’sglam Beauty Haven has continued to grow tremendously and through extensive research, seeking out new methods to cater to the skincare needs of the Nigerian audience both locally, and in the diaspora.

As a brand that is constantly progressing, Losglam Beauty Haven is rebranding. In a bid to change the entire Outlook of the Losglam brand, as well as widen her turf, Lo’sglam is making old things new.

When is this rebrand happening ?

It’s going down on the 26th of October, 2019

What’s the reason for the rebrand?

CEO, Omolola says:

“We’re rebranding because we know that an outstanding brand not only sells products but value as well.

Hence, we want to give our customers value for their money, as they get the desired results for their skin”

What are the changes to be made following this rebrand?

The foremost change to be made is the logo.

It is well known that a logo much like a person’s shoes, are the first point of contact to a client. It symbolizes a brand’s identity; how a brand is perceived by potential customers.

With that in mind, Losglam has decided to change her logo, opting for one that will recapture the very essence of the brand, whilst making her more memorable in the minds of the customer.

The reformulation of existing products, composition of new ones, as well as discarding old product jars and labels, are another feature that’ll follow the rebrand.

They really weren’t joking about giving the brand a total makeover.

Take a look at some of the revamped products below:

Losglam beauty haven

Toner/ Cleanser – Enriched with natural active extracts that penetrate deep into the skin to fight off the bacteria that causes break outs.

Africana Herbal Soap – For exfoliation. Results are smooth, glowing skin with an even tone

Perfect Whitening Scrub-It has deep pore cleansing action that exfoliates dead cells, superficial water and black heads.

Knuckle Oil– It clears/fades off darkened areas around the knuckles.

Knuckle Cream – It’s designed to even out existing blemshes, discolaration and hyper pigmentation.

Skin glow oil– It repairs damaged Skin, brightens the complexion, rids the body of acne while leaving the skin moisturized

L'osglam beauty haven Nigeria

Others are:

  • Face Soap
  • Exfoliating Shower gel
  • Magic Whitening Body wash
  • Stretch mark Cream
  • Moisturizing Body Lotion
  • Sunburn Cream
  • Caramel Face Cream among others

The best part of this rebrand is something that’ll make customers (potential and existing), do a happy dance.

There’s going to be a massive slash in the prices of skincare products. With economic hardship dealing hard blows to people’s faces, skincare products have become a luxury.

Lo’sglam Beauty Haven aims to fix this by reducing her product prices, so that they’re more affordable.

Finally, The rebrand will significantly mark the Launch of the brand’s Twitter Page. This will help them connect to wider audiences.

Discount/ Giveaways

From the 26th of October till November 1st, Lo’sglam will be running discount sales. Imagine how much you could save, buying a product that has already been slashed, at a discount rate. Mindblowing, right

To celebrate the twitter launch, Lo’sglam will be giving away her new and improved products to 5 lucky winners.

There will also be free skincare consultation for one whole week. That means, you can just walk into their store and get free advice on any skincare problems you’ve been dealing with.

Where’s all this action happening?

To be a part of all the action, kindly follow them on:

Instagram : Losglam_beautyhaven

Facebook : Losglam

Twitter : Losglam_BHaven

This post was sponsored by Losglam Beauty Haven.

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