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3 Cool Ways to Style Your Graphic T-Shirt This Season

Nothing expresses your personality quite like a graphic T-shirt and you know I’m a sucker

for those bad boys.


I consider myself something of a LOGOPHILE – yeah I’m a sucker for words, the more reason why I’m attracted to merchandise that have inscriptions: bags, shoes, jewelry, journals, totes, t-shirts you name it.

I think my first ever graphic t-shirt was the  ASOS Tee I thrifted back in Uni. It had the inscription “WTF” and it really got people talking. 

Ever since I’ve become something of a T-shirt connoisseur, from tees with funny slogans to shirts adorned with fashion references, TV show merch and everything in between, I’ve got them all.



Not only do they help me express myself without using too many words they also give me an ultra cool look when styled right.

When it comes to styling, jeans are usually my go-to yet highwaist pants, skirts, culottes and even dungarees can do the trick.

Check out 3 cool and practical ways to style your graphic t-shirt like a badass.

In this video I’m styling the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Tee I got from @2k_toteshop on Instagram. I’ve also shared more outfit details in the video description (Most of them are thrifted btw).

Also, let me know what type of slogans or inscriptions you like. I just might re-launch my T-shirt line.

Until next time,


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13 thoughts on “3 Cool Ways to Style Your Graphic T-Shirt This Season”

  1. I love the FRIENDS seasons so I’m dying to have your tee. I think there should be classes of the Tee-inscription-lover categories because In my case, I think I’m more of a brand tee lover.

    I have tons of branded tee shirt, name a company and you might have seen me strut around on their tee. I’ve never been a publicist for any brand so I never wear the tee to advertise or anything. I just enjoy them.

    I’m sure you’d love cassiedaves brand


    1. Ohh that’s nice. I’ll love to see your collection. I got this from @2k_toteshop on Instagram for less than 3k. Yh that inscription tees thing get category I’m more attracted to quotes or sayings I can relate to. Thanks for reading this and leaving this thoughtful comment.


  2. I love inscriptive tees! I hope i can put my own inscriptions on tees soon. Thank you for this post because I got gifted one for my birthday. I always wondered what your IG account name meant. Now I know, dopeeee. Beautiful blog Gem.


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