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20 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 20 Years

I recently turned a year older and it only felt right to reflect on my life and see how far I’ve come on this journey.

It’s been raining a whole lot in these parts and this has hindered my outfit shoot sessions but a girl’s gotta be consistent eh? Rather than mope over my situation  I chose to compile a list of life lessons I’ve gathered within my 20+ years on earth and share them with my people.

The majority of these lessons are in simple sentences or quotes form. I’m keeping it as real as possible. If you can relate to any of them hit me up in the comments section.

Here goes;

1. Learn to love yourself because ain’t nobody gon’ love you better

2. Be your #1 fan

3. Keep your circle small

4. Trust nobody – Not even yourself

5. Never hesitate to stand up for what you believe in

Processed with VSCO6. Learn to face your fears

7. Be Independent – Even if at some point you might have to rely on someone be able to take care of some things yourself.

8. Surround yourself with intellectuals.

9. Be Knowledgeable – Know something about everything.

10. Set realistic goals – Short and long-term goals.

Processed with VSCO

11. Always have a backup plan

12. Read! Read!! Read!!! Don’t stop educating yourself

13. Have a side hustle – This cannot be overemphasize

14. Plan! Plan!! Plan!!!- Brainstorm on how to achieve those set goals plus writing them down helps a lot.

15. Never compare yourself to others because someone out there is also looking up to you.

2017-07-19 09.43.26 1.jpg

16. Never bottle up your emotions, Speak out and it’s okay to scream out loud.

17. Do not let anyone walk through your mind with their dirty feet – Gandhi actually said this.

18. Do not be afraid to cut people off (refer to lesson 3)

19. Find what makes you happy and pursue it to the fullest – So long as it’s legal 😉

20. The girl in the magazine don’t even look like the girl in the magazine; In other words, love yourself because there’s no such thing as a life that’s better than yours.

World Book Day 2019 Wanshygirl

Phewww! I just counted this and I came up with 20 “life lessons” that’s not bad at all.

What are some major life lessons you’ve gained so far?

I’ll really love to know.

P.S – These pictures were taken on one of those rainy days when inspiration hit.

P.P.S – Not all bloggers own white sheets, some of us love our plaid blankets.


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31 thoughts on “20 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 20 Years”

  1. Laughing at “not all bloggers own white bed sheets” 😂. Hihihi… Have to agree with having the side hustle bit. It’s dawning more and more on me this year that I need to get involved in other things apart from my actual profession. Funny enough a lot of times peoples side hustles end up gaining more income than their actual jobs, then they venture off in full pursuit of that. So I need to start working on that😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes nau I had to put it out there. Having a side hustle cannot be overemphasized ooo you can’t be under someone forever. I hope you find something you love that’ll bring in that mulla. Thanks for sharing your thoughts ☺.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Point 20 is really nice ….no such such thing as a better life than urs. Don’t know when I will learn to cut people off though. The back up plan part seems to me like having a side hustle(which I learnt to put this way: never have less than four ways of doing things)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Yom, I’m glad you too time out to read this and it’s great that you can relate to this lessons. I hope with time you’ll learn to cut people off especially the toxic ones. Thanks again for checking this out. Means a lot 😀


  3. I’m just so so proud of you, and how far you’ve come girl. Keep being awesome
    PS: You should do a post on your ginormous book collection.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. You really had to state that not all bloggers has white sheet,lwkmd, truth.
    Your photos are real and relateable,just that my books are always scattered around the bed.
    These life lessons cannot be overemphasized!

    But you didn’t tell us your age? Just clue lasan😏


  5. Wow. This is so true. I particularly love no 16, am an advocate of speaking your mind and not pretending to be ok when u’re not. I’ve come to realize that after speaking my mind I have peace. Thanks for these points, we all need to apply them in life ❤️❤️❤️


  6. So accurate, bottling up emotions can be really bad. I’ve seen the harm it causes first hand.
    I like the point about surrounding yourself with intellectuals, I’ve been networking with people in my niche and it has helped improve my perspective.
    Thanks for this post, wishing you long life and prosperity.


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