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January 2019 Life Recap + First Style Post of the Year!

Can I start this off and say that January wasn’t as slow as people predicted.

It’s undeniable that the five weeks that came with the package were never ending and a total drag yet it gave me enough time to do the cliché goal setting and resolution making.

Okay maybe it’s not cliché to set goals but you get the drift eh?

So, what did I get up to in January 2019?

Let’s take a recap tour:

In January 2019 I spent a lot of time:

Creating ✂

Vision Boards. I also attended my first ever vision board party courtesy of the good people @mooreorganics. It was an amazing time.

I feel like vision boards are an advanced form of goal setting and manifestation.

You know how they say people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them faster than those who don’t, this rule also applies to vision boards and a VB is way better because you get to visualize and see the actual goal come to life.

No hype but everyone should try creating a vision board. It’s totally therapeutic.

Black woman vision board

You can make one the traditional way by cutting up magazines and pasting them on a board or you could choose the digital route and create one with an app (e.g Canva) either way the key is to set realistic goals and work towards them.

Take note that having a board doesn’t automatically guarantee that the goals will be achieved. You also gotta put in the work. A board pretty much gingers you to work on dem goals.

Watching 📺

Friends TV show poster

Netflix shows. The old 90s sitcom Friends was top on my list. I also watched a ton of my favourite YouTube Web Series (#SGIT was top on the list) and ofkess Instagram videos.

Reading 📚

One major thing on my vision board is to read more books and so in January, I spent a lot of time reading books (mostly e-books), blogs and articles centred on skincare, family life, mental health, digital marketing, religion and of course fashion.


Black woman holding a journal

Filming 📹

Random videos of myself plus my first ever look book video. I’m planning to take IGTV seriously and so I’ve been practising with my tripod (shout out to my friend who gifted this to me) and its been fun doing this.


I really need to make out time to create video content because it promises to be huge in 2019 especially for content creators and business owners.

Now on to the fun less wordy part…

Quick Style Post

It’s been ages since I did a style post on here and as much as I like to blame this on my busy schedule I wouldn’t.

Here’s one of my favourite looks from January.

I paired a monochrome off the shoulder top with a circle skirt and heels added a pop of colour with my lemon green purse which is my current favourite bag by the way.

This cute purse was definitely my best thrift buy of the month got it for N300. Somebody say yeah yeah.

Nigerian style blogger, how to style a circle skirt, how to style an offshoulder top,

Also, thanks for all the amazing compliments on this hurrrrr 😍 I can’t wait to redo it in 2020 😂. February 2019 promises to be exciting and I can’t wait to share all that I get up to at the end of the month.

Got any special plans in February? Tell me all about them in the comments section.

Outfit Details

Everything’s thrifted minus the top which I got on sale from RouthsCloset

Until next time,


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