2018 fashion trends nigeria
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18 Trends That Shook The Fashion Scene In 2018

2018 fashion trends nigeria

We’re 7 days into 2019  yet these fashion trends from 2018 remain super fresh in our memory.


How’s it going?

Let me officially welcome you to the year 2019. If you’ve been eagerly waiting for my fashion recap post you’re right on time.

Not sure what this is about? Let me explain.

At the start of each year, I take a look back at the best fashion trends of the previous year. This is something I started in 2015 and I’ve kept up with ever since. You can check out the previous posts here, here and here.

Without further ado; let’s take a look at all the trends that shook the fashion scene in 2018.


2018 fashion trends wanshygirl

It’s no longer news that fashion keeps revolving and it was not surprising that pieces from 2017 resurfaced in 2018. My faves were definitely bold and expressive slogan tees,  polka dots, tulle and bold colorful pieces. Biker shorts were totally my least fave and I need them to die in 2019.

1. Tulle

tulle fashion trend 2018

2. Bold Colorful Outfits

bright colors 2018 trend

3. De-constructed sleeves

4.Biker Shorts

biker shorts trend 2018

5.Polka Dots

polka dot trend 2018

6. Slogan Tees


7. Blazer Dresses



Bags are pretty much an essential item for women yet some last a lifetime while others come and go. 2018 brought us the beaded bag trend ( a total fave), the clear bag trend, straw bag trend and of course the net bag trend – one I need to stay in 2018.

Which one was your fave?

8. Clear Bags

clear bag trend 2018

9. Straw bags

hand woven bags rattan bag trend 2018

10. Beaded bags

2018 bead bag trend

11. Net bags

net bag trend



When it comes to shoes I choose comfort over trends yet the footwear choices of 2018 were super trendy and comfortable of course. I didn’t cop any “trendy” shoes yet mules, dad sneakers and sling back kitten list are pretty high on my shoe list of 2019.

12. Mules

mule trend 2018 shoprbj

13. Dad sneakers

dad sneakers trend 2018

14. Sling back heels



2018 didn’t really come with so many accessories trends. Sunglasses came back in even thinner frames, berets were still a thing, fascinators replaced the gele for a minute and durags were popularized by the alte kids.

15. Retro Sunglasses

16.  Fascinators

17. Durags

18. Beret

Which ones were your faves?

Which are you definitely rocking in 2019?

Until next time,


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4 thoughts on “18 Trends That Shook The Fashion Scene In 2018”

  1. Welcome back girl, your recap posts are one of my favs on your blog. Looking at 2018 trends, I loved polkadots, berets, straw bags, fascinators and mules. I’d like to see the biker short and dad shoes trend die in 2019, I hated those trends the most.

    Princess Audu 


    1. Thanks Sarah. I always enjoy putting them together.
      Girllll… those were some of my faves too.
      I really need biker shorts to die, Dad shoes I can still deal with.
      Thanks for the constant support. Have a fabulous week!


  2. Yeah! I love the fact that it’s concise yet comprising of different trends. Polka dots clothes, mules and clear bag it is for me. Will definitely do them again this year


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