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Top 5 places I’ll LOVE to visit in Lagos come 2018

This might sound cliche yet anything and everything happens in Lagos. Living in Lagos has it’s pros and cons yet when it comes to having fun this city of mine has got just the right places.

Hi guys,

Your girl finally made it to this space of hers. I hope we had a great week as it seems everyone is getting in the holiday mood. Slowly but surely eh?

Last weekend, I finally had the chance to visit the Lekki Conservation Centre with two awesome friends. Rather than dedicate a whole article to this trip I chose to create a VLOG and equally write about the places I’ll love to visit in my city. GENIUS right?! iKid!

Anyway, I’ve lived in this city all my life yet I’m ashamed to say I haven’t taken time to explore. Now that I’m semi-independent and can make certain decisions on my own I’m willing to take the opportunity to be a tourist in my city.

It’s 36 days till 2018 and I pretty much have no plans to visit anywhere at the moment (I’m open to invitations though).

So, here’s a list of places in Lagos I hope to visit come 2018!


Alara Lagos situated in Victoria Island, Lagos is an African Inspired Concept Store dedicated to contemporary art, culture and luxury fashion goods. It also features NOK by Alara; a Pan-African restaurant that caters a wide variety of African and Contemporary cuisines.


The highlight of ALARA (in my opinion) is definitely the architecture and its ambience. One cannot stop falling in love with the orange geometric walls that keep popping on our Instagram pages. This place is quite pricey for a girl like me who’s legit living on a budget. But the LORD always comes through for his children right?


5 places visit lagos

Tarkwa Bay is actually a beach in case you didn’t get the memo. I’ve been to several beaches so what’s the hype? Well, this beach is located some kilometres away from the ever busy Lagos Island. Hence, it is only accessible by a 15-minute boat ride. Thrilling right?! I’ve never taken a boat ride so I’ll love to check that off my bucket list.


5 places visist lagos

Anytime, Get Arena comes to mind the first thing I think of is Go-Karting. On asking my best friend (Hey! Google) I found out that this place has it all. According to their website they have a “… an excellent Bar and Grill, a Lounge, Games arcade and the one and only state of the art GoKart rack which surrounds the complex”.

With all the aforementioned, I definitely want to visit this place.


As the name implies, this is an art gallery. It’s not just any art gallery as this one aims to promote the rich Nigerian culture through arts and crafts of course. There are 3 other Nike Art Gallery in Osun, Kogi and Abuja.

5 places visit lagos

Although I had my National Youth Service in Osun state I didn’t get the chance to visit the art gallery in Osogbo. So, I’m definitely visiting the one in Lekki, Lagos.


Lagos is home to a ton of beaches (NO PUN INTENDED) as it’s practically surrounded by water. Yet what makes Oniru beach different? Well, for starters the word PRIVATE. The beach located on Victoria Island is one of the cleanest beaches in Lagos. You might also bump into a celebrity at this beach. I’m just telling you what I heard.

oniru beach

Anyway, it’s totally on my list.

That’s it, guys! The Top 5 places I’ll love to visit in Lagos come 2018.

Live in Lagos? Have you visited any of these places??

If yes! What was your experience? Which other places would you recommend I visit?

I hope to document each trip as I visit these places.

P.S – It might seem like all the fun places is on the Island, but we Mainland people have fun places too ooo! I just might do a “5 FUN PLACES TO VISIT ON THE MAINLAND” post.

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Till next time,


19 thoughts on “Top 5 places I’ll LOVE to visit in Lagos come 2018”

  1. Reading your post just made me realize that mehn I’m a waka waka lol. I’ve been to all the places your listed and yes you should visit. Alara is pricey but you could go with someone and share like maybe lunch to be economical.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! You make it sound like it’s bad thing to be an explorer in one’s city. I really hope to visit these places come 2018 and I’m definitely taking a friend or 2 along. Thanks for reading this Thonia!


  2. I’ve never been to Lagos unless you count passing through the airport. Though come 2018 I hope to change that. Now I’ve seen several posts on Alara, hopefully I’ll make it there when I visit. Btw you seem to be a quite Lagos person, meaning someone who doesn’t go out as such.

    Princess Audu

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Passing through the airport slightly counts but it will be great if you come for the proper Lagos experience. I hardly ever go out because most times it stresses me out but once in a while I try to get out and see what people are doing in reality. Thanks for checking this out Sarah! Hopefully we meet up when you’re in my city.


  3. Great article! I really enjoying reading it. Sounds like fun places to visit. I visited Tarkwa Bay with TVP Adventures (@tvpadventures on twitter and instagram) in February 2017 and I had an amazing time. Your list has given me ideas, hopefully I get to visit some fun places in Lagos come 2018. Thank you.

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