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5 FREE Digital Tools Every Blogger Should Be Using

Blogging might seem like a pretty much simple hobby to many yet the opposite is the case. The art of blogging goes beyond writing down your thoughts and putting up visually-appealing graphics. There’s a lot involved in the process yet with the right tools the stress and workload can be reduced.

There are so many digital tools available yet not all are free or available to non-self hosted bloggers like me.

Here are 5 – Free Digital Tools I simply cannot do without as regards blogging.

Free Digital Tools

I’m pretty much obsessed with words and grammar so you can guess how I excited I was when I came upon this tool. As the name implies this tool helps you with your “Grammar”. It is one thing to have amazing graphics and another thing to write without errors. Since no one is perfect, this to tool helps to proofread your writing, correct spelling errors and even suggest word replacements and the right punctuations. It is legit the advanced version of autocorrects and yes it’s absolutely free!

Free Blogging Tools

Studies have shown that people are more captivated by images than words. Hence, it is always advised that you have visually appealing graphics to back up your blog post. When it comes to this Canva is my go-to. It is a free graphic design tool that offers a vast array of free photos, fonts and graphic design templates. You are not required to have basic knowledge of graphic design as it’s pretty easy to use.

Free Blogging Tools 2

Immediately you hit publish on your blog post the next thing is to obviously share with your potential readers. helps you shorten your links and track them too. You can tell the location of your readers and the platform through which they clicked on the link and yup! it is equally free.

Free Blogging Tools 5

In the past, this was just a fancy app that had the coolest pictures but in time I discovered the usefulness of Pinterest and made some changes to my personal account (Follow me if you aren’t).

Pinterest is one of the most recommended sharing platforms when it comes to driving traffic to your blog and the first step is to get a business account. I’m not an expert on this so check out this blog post for a step by step guide on how to successfully use the Pinterest app.

Free Blogging Tools 4

Twitter is another amazing social media platform I personally use to promote my blog posts. So as not to spam my followers with blog post tweets, I resort to TweetDeck to automatically schedule my tweets so they can be posted at strategic times. Tweet deck allows you add photos, videos and GIFs to your tweets and you can also tweet with multiple accounts at the same time. The best part? Yes! It’s totally free.

There you have it my go-to FREE digital tools for proofreading, creating graphics, promoting blog posts and monitoring links.

Feel free to share some of the tools you find useful as regards blogging. I’ll love to add even more tools to my list.

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