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Fall Style Inspiration | The Little Burgundy Dress

Burgundy and Olive green are two of my favourite colours and coincidentally they are on the list of colours to wear during the Fall season.

Yup! Fall is finally here and I’m super excited. Although we don’t experience four seasons in my part of the world, I’m always eager to be a part of each new season as it ushers in new trends and outfits.

Hi guys,

I’m finally back to blogging. I super super missed y’all and I’m definitely here to stay. I’ve got so much content in store for you I really can’t wait!

To start off my return to the blog, I’ll be serving major Fall Style Inspiration that is appropriate for our clime.

Fall Fashion Inspo
Loving my ‘fro every day

Although I hardly wear colours, I’m a sucker for fall colours as they are always, muted and have an earthy tone. Asides Burgundy and Olive; Tan, Eggplant, Burnt Orange and Cobalt Blue are other colours synonymous to fall.


In this post, I’m wearing a burgundy skater dress paired with black tights and kitten heels. As usual, I’m keeping my accessories minimal yet chic.

Fall Style Inspiration

Peep my olive and tan purse which I got during one of my thrift-scapades. Ninety percent of my outfit is from the thrift market, talk about being stylish on a budget.

Fall Style Inspo
Did I hear someone say details please?
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I equally shared a little style inspo video on my Instagram. Follow me if you aren’t.

DSC_0385 (2)

Keeping this simple and short so enjoy the rest of the photos!

Little Burgundy Dress

DSC_0390 (2)

DSC_0398 (2)

DSC_0399 (2)


Fall Style Inspiration

What’s your take on this outfit?

What are your favourite fall colours??


LBD – Thrift Find | Tights – Thrift | Kitten Heels – H &M, Thrift | Purse – Thrift | Jewelry & Accessories – Random Purchases

Till next time,


20 thoughts on “Fall Style Inspiration | The Little Burgundy Dress”

    1. Hahaha see how you got me blushing like the innocent child that I am 😊😊😊. Thank you very much Tee. You should totally give stockings a try. I’ll love to see how you pull them off πŸ˜‰


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