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90’s Fashion – Styling Loose-Fit Jeans

Hi guys,

This is going to be a real quick post. As I’m super tired and need all the rest I deserve. Hope you had a great week though?

As the title suggests I’m styling loose-fit jeans because 90’s fashion is so in right now and all things baggy and oversized is the new cool.

IMG_20170801_154044 (2)

I went thrifting the other day and although I was hoping to score a pair of mom jeans the closest I got to mom jeans were these regular 5-pocket baggy jeans. Although they were not high-waisted as mom jeans usually are, they were the right fit for a skinny girl like me. It was also a good thrift score because they are from a great brand, Marks & Spencer and it still had half the tag on. Perhaps, it had never been worn prior to my purchase.

This is what “Mom Jeans” look like, in case you were wondering.

I paired the jeans with my inscription tee that reads “Natural Hair Gang”, I have a thing for inscription tees and someday I hope to have my own line. I really wanted to style the T-shirt while wearing my natural hair out so as to match the inscription. I’m extra like that πŸ˜‰

I added my favorite flannel tweed-plaid jacket to the mix and went on to change my shoes and hairstyle thrice. Hence, this is sort of a lookbook. I should title this post “1 Baggy Jean 3 Styles” but that would be so cliche.

Here goes;


For this look, I simply paired my jeans and tee with a pair of jelly sandals and my plaid jacket. I feel like this is the ultimate 90’s look as both pants and jacket are on the loose side. I also wore my hair as an Afro to complement the old skool look.

IMG_20170801_154340 (2)

IMG_20170801_154229 (2)

Outfit Details

Tee – Giveaway Win | Pants – Marks & Spencer, Thrift | Jelly Sandals & Plaid JacketBaylow’sThriftStore


For this look, I packed my hair in a pineapple bun, switched my jellies for a pair of brogues and added this mini satchel previously styled in this post. Also, peep my braided leather belt totally 90s eh?

IMG_20170801_160040 (2)

IMG_20170801_160502 (2)

IMG_20170801_160506 (2)

Outfit Details

Tee & Pants – Refer to look one | Brogues – Atmosphere, Thrift | Satchel – Gift | Belt – Thrift | Plaid JacketBaylow’sThriftStore


For this look, I chose the simple route. I ditched the jacket and belt and switched my shoes for sneakers. I also packed my hair into space buns as I was going for the “baby girl” look.

IMG_20170801_161450 (2)

IMG_20170801_161452 (2)

Outfit Details

Tee & Pants – Refer to look one| Sneakers – Random Buy

That’s it guys, I tried to make it as short as possible yet it still ended up lengthy. I guess I just love being detailed. I wasn’t going to put up these pictures because they weren’t shot in the best of surroundings yet I saw the beauty in them and just put them up anyway.

P.S – The pants and jacket might seem familiar to you because you already saw them in this post. I’ve been wearing them non-stop as they are my go-to in this rainy season. I guessed I’ve inadvertently shared a “What to Wear During The Rainy Season” look. This is indeed a 3 in 1 post.

My favorite look of all is the Chic look. Which is your favorite look?

Which hairstyle did it for you?

How would you style loose-fit denim?

Till next time,


15 thoughts on “90’s Fashion – Styling Loose-Fit Jeans”

  1. Just came across this post while browsing. I love mom jeans. I’ve been looking for the perfect mom jeans for months. i have yet to find the best ones. well the ones that i want. i love the sporty look the most. Its definitely my style. Looks very comfortable.


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