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Styling Ankara Bell Sleeves II – Chic Look

Hi guys,

Who missed me? Awww! I apologize for my absence yet I truly needed a break plus I was busy attending the CAG Branding Workshop I mentioned here. Even though the rains tried to rain on my parade literally, I made the best of the situation. Outfit deets coming later in case you didn’t catch it on my Insta Stories.

Enough talk about the past, let’s get in the now. My week has been less work, more chill and my mood have been great because the sun finally came out to play. Isn’t all that worth being thankful for?

In this post, I mentioned I was going to style my bell-sleeves top in two ways and I’ve finally gotten round to taking pictures and putting them up.

DSC_0052 (2).JPG

This is also going to be fewer words more pictures post.

DSC_0031 (3)

For this look, I was thinking more work chic, religious service or outing with the girls. Whichever works for you. The great thing about bell-sleeves is its versatility, you can always switch it up for any occasion with the right bottoms and accessories.

So for this look, I went with a black skirt with a thigh slit (stating the obvious) paired with my trusty heeled-sandals and a satchel I cop’d from my blogger babe Vicky πŸ˜‰

DSC_0030 (3)

I went minimal on the accessories because I’m about that minimal life and my fro also came out to play.

DSC_0039 (2)

Major shouts to my youngest sister for taking these photos. The struggle for great quality photos in this rainy season has been real. Who can relate?

That’s it guys!

Let me know where you’ll most likely wear this to in the comments section.


Top – Giveaway Win|Skirt – WhiteHouseBlackMarket|Heels – Zara|Satchel – Gift|Accessories – Random Buys

Till next time,


13 thoughts on “Styling Ankara Bell Sleeves II – Chic Look”

  1. Rain rained on your parade,lol…You should try rhyming for a living darling. I har almost the same week as you did till Wednesday when i had to go earn my keep. Keep the good work going, it’s going to be a rainy week so says the gods. So be ready to receive Sista…..Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww I can relate on loving something but not being able to wear it. That’s me and the color yellow LOL! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It means a lot, I hope you come around again.


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