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Currently I Am 11

Heyyyy guys,

Happy weekend. I can’t believe how far this series has gone, eleven already? Well check out the very first one here and see how far we have come.

I’m so excited about all the love I’ve been getting here on the blog and on my social media, y’all make my heart rejoice, and I say a big THANK YOU .

You know how this post goes, so let’s take stock shall we?

Currently I Am;

Wearing – over-sized tees and shorts because I’m mostly indoors and on days when I’m out you can catch me wearing something similar to what I wore in this post.

Listening to – Ed Sheeran’s Divide album and my favorite song is obviously “Shape of You” (If you follow me on Twitter you already know) gets me emotional all the time. Funny how I used to underrate Ed. Bad behaviour Ebun!

WatchingEverybody Hates Chris. You already know I’m a sucker for comedy TV series and I don’t care how old or recent they are. I’m so sad my current favorites are approaching their season finales. 😦


Loving – men’s inspired footwear. Monk straps, Chelsea boots, Oxfords and yes Brogues!!

In need of – a new laptop battery 😦 . My laptop has really served me well and it’s time I paid it back in its own coin, who wants to buy me new battery please? Edaakun! Don’t reason my bad behavior.

lenovo g430 battery

Glad – that I’m finally getting the hang of Pinterest. Follow me there if you have an active account.


Amazed – at the cultural diversity in Africa. This has moved me to set up another Instagram page for #AllThingsAfrican. Be sure to follow my page, I’d totally follow back.


Looking forward to – attending the Lagos Leather Fair as I haven’t attended any event this year and this would really benefit me a lot.


Wishing for – white Adidas sneakers because the Nike’s I won aren’t coming through.


Planning – to make this my next hair style, put a ton of beads and maybe faux cowries. Whayyasay??

Khoudia Diop a.k.a Melanin Goddess

Appalled – by the moral decadence, injustice and prejudice in the world. God got us though.

Thankful – for all the good Jehovah has been doing in my life. He’s the real GOAT (Greatest of All Time).

That’s it folks, simple and short does it.

What are you currently up to?

Fill me in, in the comment section.

Also follow me on all social media @WanShyGirl

Till next time,



12 thoughts on “Currently I Am 11”

  1. This by far is my favorite of all your previous posts, I am literally dejavued by this”I almost feel I was putting down my thoughts and actions into words.. Follow me back on Twitter Madame.. Merci

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really enjoying it too, I just love old comedy series. My sister if people don’t acknowledge that the end is near I don’t know what the outcome would be ooo. Thanks for taking time out to read this. πŸ™‚


  2. Interesting read! Currently I am trying to get some sleep but I will surely dwell on what I’m currently doing in life and write about it!! Thanks for the idea!

    Liked by 1 person

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