Currently I Am 10

Hi guys,

Welcome to another month, week and day. Hope we all had a splendid weekend? It’s exciting that we are done with the first quarter of the year, wasn’t it yesterday we were all excited about 2017.

Anyways we gotta do all we can while we can because time indeed waits for no one. Today I’ll be doing a life lately post in a stock taking format. You can check out similar posts here, here and here. This should have been a Tales from the Town post but there’s not much going on hence this.

Without further ado, here goes:

Currently I Am;

Wearing : my  NYSC khaki a lot because POP (Passing out parade) loading, Hence tons of activities that involve wearing this tiring uniform. I’m glad its about to be over.

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Craving: Fried rice. This might sound weird as I’m starting to get tired of rice yet I miss having fried rice with all those healthy veggies inside. Can’t wait to be home so I can satisfy my cravings.


Listening :  to a lot of Jon Bellion’s music lately.  I suppose it’s because he totally speaks to my soul and he doesn’t have a bad song. I’ve listened to 3 mix-tapes and 1 album so I can tell. You should totally check him out and thank me later.

Jon Bellion - The Human Condition

Watching: The Big Bang Theory. Yes! I have a thing for comedy series, in case you didn’t get the memo, so when a friend recommended this I decided to check it out and it’s been fair enough. The geeky-nerdy theme isn’t my thing yet the comedy is almost A1 so it’s fine by me. By the way am I the only one who’s tempted to murder the character of Sheldon Cooper? If you know you know.


Excited: about my sister’s online thrift store. I’m super proud of her too, though she’s younger than I am she’s an inspiration at times. Please check out her store here and while you’re at it cop’ a thing or two.

Obsessed: with hats (especially my raffia hats) because they are my thing now and these cute white sunnies I won from a giveaway a while ago. I think I should give it a rest soon or maybe nah.

Anticipating : my POP which comes up this week. As much as I’m excited about this, I’m somewhat skeptical about life after service. The job hunting, the whole 9 – 5 life when you finally land a job, the whole Lagos wahala on its own. I juss kent deal. I believe God’s got me though so I’m going to stress less.


Grateful: to Jehovah God for seeing me through my service year. Twelve months alone and away from home is not a small something yet so many lessons learnt and experiences gained.

It’s a wrap guys, there’s not much going on with me. I’m just rounding up this phase of my life and planning the next.

Let’s not forget to do all we can while we can because,

… time waits for no one.

I’d also love to hear from you guys so please leave me a comment.

Till next time,



10 thoughts on “Currently I Am 10

  1. Eyyyyy, I’m in love with the big bang theory and you’re not the only one who wants to murder Sheldon 😂😂 he’s just hilarious. I’m happy about your POP but is this how you’ll leave without seeing me 😔

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  2. I like how you ended this, let’s indeed not forget to do all we can, time waits for no one really. Congrats on your POP, this post bring major nostalgia as this was me 6months ago, how time flies. At least you’re going back home to enjoy lots of fried rice. You’ll be fine just make sure that you are proactive, don’t settle but also don’t sit around waiting around because that job may not fall on your lap. And congrats to your sister, with this recession we all need a side hustle. Oh and I love that show, felt like wanting to strangle Sheldon too but he makes the show fun. Perhaps I’ll get back to it one these days.

     Princess Audu 

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    1. Thanks Sarah, you’ve basically summarized the whole post in this comment. I’m definitely going to be proactive all that sitting at home waiting does wayyy more harm than good. Thanks for stopping by Sarah, means a lot.


  3. Awesome. Everyone wants to kill Sheldon…but i can’t because without him, BBT is incomplete. I’m currently on season 10 and I’m not even tired yet. Congrats on your POP! Hope you’re ready for the ‘real’ world?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah as I got deeper into each season I’ve realized his importance. I just got to Season 10 too not tired either. Thanks babe. I don’t have a choice ooo gotta be ready for whatever life throws at me. Thanks for stopping by once again.

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