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7+1 Stylish ways to rock a silk scarf

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8 unique ways to style a silk scarf.

Hello guys,

It’s another weekend and the last Saturday of the month; In less than 6 days we’ll be welcoming in the month of April. This year is really on a roll innit?

I had a crazy yet fulfilling week. I hope yours was good too?

Today’s post is more like a style inspiration post.

I’ll be sharing 8 stylish ways to wear a silk scarf backed up with pictures from the world wide web.

I wish I could have styled them on myself and take pictures too but circumstances wouldn’t allow. Follow me on Instagram tho, I just might find time to personally style them and drop some pictures too. 😀

Silk scarves are really classy and versatile pieces. I recently started collecting them and I’ve been doing a lot with them because they are oh-so retro and chic. There are so many articles on how to style a silk scarf yet it doesn’t hurt if I write one too eh?

Without further ado;

  1. You can choose to style your scarf as a headwrap. This is actually the commonest way the silk scarf is worn. Tie it around your neck, pop on a pair of sunglasses, give off Parisienne vibes.
  1. Your scarf could also be used as a bag accessory.

Pom-poms aren’t the only thing that can take your handbag from 0 -100. A nice silk scarf in a vibrant print can also do the trick. I’ve personally tried this check it out here.

  1. Who says your silk scarf can’t be worn as a neck piece? Don’t want your scarf on your head then tie it on your neck in a stylish manner. You could go with a simple knot, the cowboy cravat or take a leaf from Sarah’s creative design (I’ve been trying to nail it but issa difficult) pictured below.

  2. Here’s another fun way to style your silk scarf. In case you want to be extra you could use your scarf as a belt. Simple yet stylish!

  3. You can also wear your scarf over a dress or even a top. I’ve tried this once and it really switched up my outfit. Ensure the scarf is long enough so you can cinch it at your waist with a belt, you can also decide to skip the belt entirely. The choice is yours.

  4. This is another fun way I’m willing to try. Spice up your arm candy and wear your scarf as a bracelet. Preferably a slim scarf with a vibrant color and pattern.

  5. This is one way I’ve been loving lately because hats are my thing now. Switch up a beach/straw hat by tying a silk scarf around its circumference. Thank me later. 😉

7+1. Last yet not the least, I found this weird and funny tho, yet if it’s your thing the experts say you could also wear your silk scarf as an anklet.

For me issa no no; yet one man’s food is indeed another’s poison.

Issa (this issa bug has bitten me too :D) wrap guys.

There you have it 8 fab ways to style a silk scarf. So if you have got one, switch it up and if you do not own one what are you waiting for?

It’s my turn to hear from you.

Which of the styles is your personal fave?

Which one have you tried or are willing to try? Are there other styles not included here?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Plus who’s feeling my new theme? I definitely am.

Till next time,


15 thoughts on “7+1 Stylish ways to rock a silk scarf”

  1. I like the neck tie piece, wouldn’t mind my girlfriend rocking the style on our next date..I would also share the article to her…Nice post

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