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Kindly Send Me Nudes…|Not your Average Style Post.

A Style Blogger’s Favorite Nudes

Damn! There I go again with the cheeky titles LOL. Well, I’m back, this time with a style post. Thanks for the love you all showed in my previous post even though I didn’t get to promote it as much as I would have loved to.

Life totally happened this past week, I was so swamped but I’m glad I made the best of this weekend to let off steam. This post isn’t about my weekend shenanigans you’ll definitely get the gist later. šŸ˜‰


So on to the outfit of this post, I’ve actually noticed that sometimes I unconsciously wear different shades of one color in one outfit to create this matchy matchy look we can safely call MONOCHROMATIC, because monochrome is not always black and white, and it always turns out great. So Yes! to To-Match as our mothers would say, not every time color blocking.


For this look, I opted for earth tones, bits and bobs of brown, nude and gold.


I paired my vintage shirt with these slacks that are halfway to my ankle (Is that what 3/4 is?). I also added a pair of sandals which I made myself for my Mom yet I had to borrow them because they went well with this look (Yes! I make footwear too In case you didn’t get the memo), my raffia hat and tons of accessories a la clear aviators, my hoop earrings, arm candy and layered neck-pieces. I was going for a retro -chic look and I know I nailed it.


This is a very casual look you can wear when you’re going out with friends for something low-key. You can ditch the hat if it’s not your style and replace the sandals with sneakers and you’re equally good to go.


There you have it my Monochromatic Earth Tone look, definitely not the kind of Nudes you were thinking about. :p Check out other monochromatic looks here, here and here.

Now it’s my turn to hear from you.

What’s your take on the To -Match look?

Where would you rock this to?

Your comments always keep me going.

Outfit Details

Shirt – Thrift | Slacks -Thrift | Sandals – Hand Crafted | Raffia Hat – Gift | Owl Neckpiece – DIY, Mr Price | Camera Neckpiece – ShopLhurveDavies | Arm Candy – DIY | OtherAccessories – Random Buys.

Photography by Bello Boluwatife.

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