What’s In My Work Bag? – High School Teacher Edition.

I’m spilling the contents of my work bag.

Currently Listening to – Jon Bellion – Hand of God.

Who else can tell that I’m currently hooked on Jon Bellion? After all my shakara I finally joined the band wagon.πŸ™ˆ

For reals tho, I’ve literally been seeing the HAND OF GOD in my life and it’s been amazing. I know He’s been good to y’all too.

Anyways, hope we all had a good weekend? I’ve been trying to drop this post for days now yet it’s not been forthcoming I don’t know who I offended 😐

Last week I took a blogging break, which I really deserve, and it was worth it. I’ll definitely let you know what I was up to in time just hang around wouldja πŸ˜‰ ?

As the title suggests, yes I found a title for this one, I’ll be giving you a peek into my life as an High School teacher. I’ve been serving my country for about 10 months now and as I’ve mentioned here, on weekdays from 8-2 and sometimes 4, I teach English language at a community high school.

What then would you find in my work bag?

Let’s get to it shall we?

First off, I always carry a Satchel to work and I’ve got 3 to choose from because yeah I have a thing for satchels. The amount of load I’m carrying and my outfit usually determines the satchel I carry.


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In my work bag, you’ll definitely find my textbooks, lesson notes, marks book, red pen and blue pen.


A bottle of water is also a must because after all the screaming and shouting human being’s throat will be parched and man’s gotta stay hydrated ya know?

My phone charger, earpiece and the phone itself are items I cannot do without. How else am I going to preoccupy myself when I’m less busy? Plus my dictionary and Google are all in one place. Yes! My smart phone 😁.

My wallet is also a must in my bag. Who else gon pay for my lunch and miscellaneous??

My sunnies case never leaves my bag and my clear cat – eye frames have become a regular because I feel they give me that serious nerdy look.

Who thinks otherwise?


Let’s not forget my amazing Fashion Jotter (the cute little blue jotter) I got at this event. I always carry it everywhere because inspiration can come anytime, anywhere. In fact, the idea for this post came while I was at work.

IMG_20170208_101250_926 (2)
When Inspiration Hit

Other items that find their way into my bag occasionally include :

  • Chewing gum, because man’s breath gotta stay fresh.
  • Lip gloss or lip stick.
  • Tissue paper

That’s it guys, soon soon the contents of my work bag would change because I’m about to be done with this high school teacher life πŸ˜€

What’s one item that’s always in your work or school bag?

Which is your fave of the flat lays? The different backgrounds was purely intentional.

I’d love to hear from you.

Have a fabulous week ahead.

Till next time,



16 thoughts on “What’s In My Work Bag? – High School Teacher Edition.”

    1. Hey baby girl thanks. I swear I didn’t get the Jon Bellion hype until I listened to one of his mix tapes and then his current album, the guy is just 3 good. You should go to bed btw why you still up?


    1. Hahahaha thanks Kunle. The cane is readily available in the staff room so it’s not a problem. I swear their wΓ hΓ‘lΓ  is too much I just can’t deal sometimes. Thanks for stopping again really means a lot 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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