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Error 404 – Title Not Found

Fear NOT! You’re on the right page. It was difficult coming up with an apt title so I opted for the above. You can help suggest an appropriate title when you’re done reading though, reminds me of those English comprehension passages we took in high school :D.

February is apparently the month of “Love” yet I choose to be different.

Therefore, while everyone is talking about love and whatnot, I’ll be talking about finding joy and coping with anxieties in this challenging world. Because what’s love without joy?

We all face challenges daily and as world conditions keep getting tougher we are faced with even anxieties. I for one suffer from anxiety and it really gets to me and messes with my health, I talked about it in this post.

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How then do we cope?

How do we get by?

How do we live and not just be alive??

Deep questions yeah ? The thing is challenges are inevitable and as we grow older responsibilities increase be you male or female.

  • I’ve come to realize though that contentment and reliance on God is major key. No amount of money or material possessions can ever bring you TRUE HAPPINESS.
  • Also, find what you love and do it diligently. I’m doing so with this blogging thing and it makes me happy that I can have an impact on people no matter how few.
  • Surround yourself with people who will impact on you positively.

What are some things you do when you get overly anxious?

I hope this has been helpful? This wasn’t meant to be a motivational post I just had to drop my two cents because anxiety affects us one and all.

Now on to the outfit, I wore this on a regular day when I followed the mother to work, I paired this cute chiffon top with the pretty Aztec detail with my bandage skirt and black flats.


I was having a bad hair day, hence the turban. I threw on the raffia hat later because I love being extra πŸ™‚

I also stuck with the three color rule by limiting myself to Green, Black and Gold/Nude.

Plus I love how minimal I was with my accessories ( Cat eye shaped shades, Slim Belt and Wristwatch).

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This is something I’ll totally wear to work (ditch the hat, wear a blazer), a religious service or a semiformal gathering.

Also many shouts to Vickie, for gifting me with this raffia hat. I wore it everyday while I was home for the holidays. Thanks Babe! IOU :*

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Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

That’s about it. What’s your take on this outfit?

How do you stay sane in this crazy world?

Your comments keep me going.

Outfit Details

Shirt – Thrift | Skirt – Lagos Island | Flats – Lagos Island | Cat-eye frames – Road side retailer | Belt – Thrift | Raffia hat – Gift|

Till next time,



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