What’s In My Work Bag? – High School Teacher Edition.

I'm spilling the contents of my work bag. Currently Listening to - Jon Bellion - Hand of God. Who else can tell that I'm currently hooked on Jon Bellion? After all my shakara I finally joined the band wagon.πŸ™ˆ For reals tho, I've literally been seeing the HAND OF GOD in my life and it's… Continue reading What’s In My Work Bag? – High School Teacher Edition.

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Error 404 – Title Not Found

Fear NOT! You're on the right page. It was difficult coming up with an apt title so I opted for the above. You can help suggest an appropriate title when you're done reading though, reminds me of those English comprehension passages we took in high school :D. February is apparently the month of "Love" yet… Continue reading Error 404 – Title Not Found

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Currently listening to Jon Bellion - Simple and Sweet πŸ™ˆΒ  Hello loves, Hope your weekend went well? Mine was lowks as always. Lest I forget welcome to the long-awaited February the so-called "Month of love" Pfft!.Β  So much has been going on lately asides the obvious mess our country is in. There's Β the Big Brother… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award