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When Bloggers Meet Up x Monochromatic Blue Outfit 

Heyyyyyy fam, Happy weekend.

I can’t believe we’re still in the month of January, I’m super eager for the month to be over maybe because I’m broke and perhaps I’m getting tired of this high school teacher life.

Anyways this post should have been up a while ago but I saved the best for last as this is the last weekend for the month.

I was home December last year for the holidays and I got the chance to attend a wedding, visit the beach and meet up with friends, BEST HOLIDAY EVER!!!

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Anyways I’m not here to give you details of my LAGOS WAKA as I have decided to term it, I just want to share pictures of my “Impromptu” Bloggers Meet Up and My Unplanned Monochrome look.


Vickie of THELAZYOUTFITTER and I have been friends since Uni, well mostly in our final year. I used to admire her from a distance because of her retro style and her short hair styles, they were always on point. She also has the gift of shaping brows and so my brows were dedicated to her skilful razor and fingers LOL.


We got talking and discovered we were interested in style blogging. This was at the end of our final year, at this point we had to part ways. Fast forward to late 2015, we started our dream blogs and we’ve been on that path ever since.


Vickie and I have been planning to meet up and do some sort of collaboration ever since we started blogging but life wouldn’t just have it. We did a double dose once, my first ever, by the way, you can read about it here.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Afterwards, we kept planning to meet up and do something together. I finally got the chance to hang out with her last year and it was worth it. Though, it was impromptu and all it was really worth the while.

Processed with VSCO

Y’all know I’m all for denim on denim, if you didn’t this, this and this should convince you, so it was apt to put on this chambray shirt and my semi-distressed jeans. The blue Ankara head wrap proved to be a life saver because my hair was a mess (cons of braiding natural hair :()

Processed with VSCO

I paired this outfit with my rib -caged Gafa Sandals, my choker chain, hoops and wristwatch (two accessories I can never do without) add a little extra sauce and the laid-back chic is good to go.


Vicky and I spent time talking, mostly about blogging and other life banter. We’ve decided to do subsequent blog collaborations. So, watch this space because you don’t know what’s coming at you. We also took tons of pictures and made silly boomerang videos.


We didn’t have anyone to take shots of us so we made do with selfies and took turns taking one another. So bear with the picture quality and the all – round goofiness.

I looovveee how monochromatic my look turned out, I always claim that black is my favorite color, indeed it is, yet I have so many blue pieces in my closet especially denim.

Can anyone relate??

Whats your take on this look?

Met up with any bloggers offline? How did it turn out?

Lest I forget, I’m open to blog collaborations, double doses et al once I’m done with this NYSC thing so hit me up if you are down so we can start making plans. It’s never too early 😉

Outfit Details

Shirt – Thrift

Jeans – Thrift

Slides – Gafa Sandals

Chain Choker – DIY

Other Accessories – Random Buys

Head Wrap – Ankara

Please drop your comments below, they really keep me going.

Till next time,


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