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Currently I Am 9

Hello guyyyyssss,

Welcome to another weekend. Hope your week was splendid?

This week was surely a good one for me, though it was stressful and quite demanding but y’all still made my week with all the love I got from my previous post. Thanks a lot guys! I really, really appreciate and I promise to put up more great content so we can make each other happy yeah!?

This is a tag I started writing in 2016 and I intend to do more of it subsequently. As the name suggests this post gives you an insight on the current situation in my personal life. It’s a way of letting y’all into my life without giving away #TMI. You can read the other posts in this tag by checking the Life Lately Category.

So, let’s get to it shall we?

Currently I Am;

Wearing – less and going out more LOL. Yes! I’ve finally returned to work and it’s been demanding as hell plus I’m not wearing much because the weather here has been killing .

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Off to Werkkkk!

Watching  – The hit TV Comedy series HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. A friend recommended this show to me sometime last year and when I finally laid my hands on it, I was hooked. The show is witty and I can relate to majority of the plot. If you’ve watched this show you’ll agree that the character of Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is the life of the series. Plus I can totally relate to Ted and Robin’s life. If you haven’t seen this show and you love comedy series, you should totally get it. I should make a list of my favorite TV shows soon soon.


ReadingThe Top 15  Reasons 80% of  Product Businesses Fail  A fellow blogger (Thanks NappyHaired) sent this booklet  to me and I found it really educative. Currently I’m not running a business but I intend to in the near future. If you currently run a product business or you intend to you need to read this booklet.

Thank You Alex!

Craving – Shawarma 😥

Loving – All the love y’all have been showing me. It’s been real fam. A 100 blog follows, a 1000 Instagram follows. The stats are encouraging and it shows we’re making progress. This is motivation to do better.


Ecstatic – that I won another giveaway this month. I’ve really been lusting after a pair of white sneakers and as life would have it I won a cool pair of Nikes. How awesome is that? I haven’t received them but when I do you’ll definitely know 😉


Lusting – after these cool oversized retro-sunnies  plus the cat-shaped round sunnies are just too cool 😀


Dreading – the end of my service year. This whole NYSC ish has been real fam! It’s been quite an experience and I really want to move on to the next but it’s all happening so quick I’m like What next? Where to??. God always got me tho and only he knows what he has in store for me so I wouldn’t let overthinking be the life of me 😀


Related Post – 10 NYSC Hacks (Fresh)Corp Members Need To Know 

Hoping – to  work in a media organization. It’s always been my passion plus I’m also considering a career in Public Relations and Social Media Marketing.  I don’t mind writing and perhaps editing for a Fashion magazine too. Hello! Complete Fashion, Cosmopolitan NG and Guardian Life NG.

Planning – to visit some tourists sites in  Nigeria and across the border. SO HELP ME GOD!

Regretting – the fact that I couldn’t cop’ the planner of my dreams after all my bants. Well, everything does happen for a reason.

via @hdhqgoods on Instagram

Grateful – for the gift of life and also you guys. Without Jehovah I wouldn’t have come this far and without your support there would be no WanShyGirl blog.


So that’s it guys,

What have you been up to lately? 

I also need your honest reviews and suggestions so I can make this blog better.

You can send me an  e-mail –

Also follow me on Twitter & Instagram –@Wanshygirl and Facebook – WanShyGirlBlog


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26 thoughts on “Currently I Am 9”

  1. I love How I Met Your Mother!!! Neil is everything!!!!!!! I understand what you mean about Thinking about life after service. I’m constantly over thinking about life after school etc I so want a pair o white sneakers, like really!!! so lucky!!!
    p. S my phone keypad turned to Armharic while writing this!! lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha that dude is Hilarious I had mixed feelings when I found out he is into men 😔. Yeah the thinking always continues at every stage of life I just don’t want to overthink because when I do it takes a toll on my health. Hahaha I was so surprised and happy I won, put your wish out there to the universe and you’ll get it in due time 😉. Thanks for stopping by Vincent. Have a great weekend.


    1. Hahaha babes I really want to post like 2-3 posts weekly ooo but rn due to certain circumstances I can’t. I promise to as soon as I can tho. Send me your email address I’ll send you the booklet. AMEN to that sistah. Owó ni kọ́kọ́


    1. Babes ehn I might need your help ooo as per HR Consultation and all, I’ll hit you up sha. Thanks babes. Hopefully we cop the planners of our dreams in due time. Thanks for stopping by Oyinda ☺


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