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The Wedding Guest: Styling a Monochrome dress

Here’s how I styled my monochrome flared dress.

Holla! Holla!! In Wiz Khalifa’s voice

How are we all doing? Good, I suppose. The way the days keep flying I juss kent relate. I mean January has been divided in half already?? Like so soon???

Anyways, we all just need to be thankful always because it’s really the little things that count.

…we all need to be thankful always because it’s really the little things that count.

So on to this post, let me not waste time giving a motivational speech(es), I wore this lovely monochrome dress I’ve had for around a year now to a wedding that held in December 2016. It was actually my 4th and final wedding for the year and it turned out great because I got to meet up with some friends.


I initially planned to wear this dress with my Cobalt blue court shoes and my Mom’s Emerald green box clutch both previously styled here, but my Mom wouldn’t have it because it looked too “color riotic” to her.

DSC_0136 (2).JPG


So I gave in to her pleas, after taking tons of pictures for the gram of course in my blue courts, and toned down my look with these black court shoes also styled here.

DSC_0151 (2)

DSC_0077 (2)

They turned out great too and they were wayyyyy more comfortable compared to the blue courts (those shoes are not meant for walking tbh), I’ll never admit this to my Mom tho, so shhhhh! don’t let her know let us make it our secret.

I love this look so much, I’m definitely going to flood my Instagram (Follow me – @wanshygirl) with pictures because I’ve hoarded them enough. Plus shout out to my Primary School Mate – Friend- Make-Up Artiste all rolled in one, Valerie for beating my face real good. Ah! Mean that highlight lásán* definitely popping.


When it comes to Fashion and colors there are rules that are binding so as not to make a Fashion Fail/Blunder. There’s something called the Three Color Rule which I’m still trying to figure out (Google will help out eventually), yet I realized it really came to play here when I stuck with the colors Black, White and Emerald green and the hint of gold accessories were perfect in the right amount.

DSC_0129 (2)

True, style is personal yet there are rules of fashion to guide you in defining your personal style.

Style is personal yet there are rules of Fashion to guide you in

defining your Personal Style.

DSC_0128 (2)

So that’s it guys.

Blue courts or nahh!!? Which look did it for you? Let me know your thoughts.

*lásán – Yorùbá term for the word ONLY.


Monochrome Dress – Tailored by @tomarkstitches on Instagram

Cobalt Blue Suede Courts – Atmosphere

Patent Black Courts – Can’t recall

Emerald Box Clutch – Handmade by my Mom

Chain Choker – DIY

Filigree Earrings – Random buy

Makeup – @lerie_bloom on Instagram

Bomb ass pictures – My sister @baylowabby on Instagram

Poppin’ Fro – Yours Truly.

Till next time,

DSC_0060 (2)


44 thoughts on “The Wedding Guest: Styling a Monochrome dress”

    1. Yes comfort is totally key, tho I low key loved the blue courts because of the color block feel 😳. I should totally check out your blog for the Three Color rule because I’m a learner on the topic. Thanks for stopping by Subomi I really appreciate it 😊😊😊


    1. A close friend. I put up her IG handle here. Many people have voted for the blue courts, my mom needs to see this. Thanks for stopping by Praise. Totally made my day ☺☺☺


  1. Your makeup is not joking oh🙅🏽 I like it . I love the blue court shoes, on the rule of three I think you basically have to get a middle shade that goes with the remaining two alone so if the dress was all shade black I’d be down a 💯 but then again fashion is style and style is a personal choice of slay and you nailed it with this look.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You look so gorgeous and I noticed the difference in your makeup immediately I saw the picture, your friend did a good job. I would totally go with the blue court shoe *biggrin*
    And girl your hair is lit love the little pins you added to it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey babes thanks. I can’t for the life of me go through all this make up wàhálà but once in awhile I need to pamper myself yeah? Thanks for noticing the hair pins too 😉 Blue courts are definitely winning ✋

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m torn somehow. While I like the classier look of the black court shoes, I love the pop of blue in those cobalt pumps. Your friend did a great job on your makeup and I love love the dress. I’d actually like to see how you change it up, maybe with a layered shirt. And the purse is amazing, mama’s got skills.
    Princess Audu 

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmmm…I’ve never taught of switching it up I’ll definitely put it into consideration. I was torn too ooo but comfort had to win. Yep momma’s really got skills I wish she passed them genes to me :(. Thanks for stopping by Sarah it really means a lot 😀


  4. For a wedding I think the black shoes look better. I like the blue shoes with the dress to wear out with friends to an outing. However I don’t like the bag with the dress at all. It doesn’t do much for the dress. In my opinion when using a pop of color it truly needs to pop.The bag is dark, and the dress is dark. Otherwise, this was a great post! It displayed your personal style which isn’t anything wrong with that. You certainly looked as if you enjoyed yourself while putting this together. Thanks for posting.

    Liked by 1 person

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