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My Current Wishlist #2


Yo! Yello?! 👋 😁😁 😁

I’m just too happy right now, bear with me (read this post to the end to find out why). Hope your weekend went well? I really love how I’ve been dropping posts back to back. Please show some LOVE; read, like, comment and share the posts you love with friends.

As the title suggests, I’ll be sharing with you some of the fashion items I’m lusting for. They say a problem shared is a problem solved. Hence, I’m putting this out there so maybe, just maybe some good Samaritan can send some of this stuff my way.

Without further ado, here’s my current wishlist :

1.Haute Signatures Sunnies – this brand is one of the coolest online retailers. They sell sunnies, bags, wallets  and other cool accessories. I’m totally all for their sunnies and I’m sad I missed their Black Friday sales. Though I won one of their sunnies from a giveaway, I don’t mind adding a few more. So show some love ẹ̀yin fans mi (my fans) gift me any of the following sunnies. Gad bless in advance ☺:)

You should also follow this brand they really have dope stuff and they are on practically every bloggers wishlist.

So any of the three above would do, I’m also trying to build a clear frames collection 😀 😀

2. Wiggsssss (Braid wigs and curly weaves)-  So I’ve been natural for almost a year now and tbh its been quite an experience. One thing I’ve noticed though is that my braids don’t last as long as they do, I mean I braid my hair and two weeks there’s undergrowth everywhere, this makes me sad, on the other hand I consider it as progress (If you have any advice relating to this please drop it in the comment section). Therefore, from now on I  intend to invest in wigs, the hairdressing sector  is really stepping up and now we have braid wigs. How cool is that? I’m also a sucker for curly and wavy weaves so I intend to cop’ a few too. Wigs are steady getting expensive because the demand is getting high, but its a pretty good investment because it saves you time and money at the salon and you can always re-use your wigs so long as you maintain it properly.

Here are two hair  bloggers who make super dope wigs, they have also hosted about three wig making classes and there’s a braid wig giveaway you should totally enter and win for me 😉 . Ah mean what are friends for?

.3. Baseball Hat(s) – Yezzir! This was also in my previous wishlist and yes I thrifted a few hats but I’m such an Oliver I want some more. I’m especially loving some inscription baseball hats I saw on Twitter and a couple on Instagram.

Because I’m a 90’s  Kool  Keed (That’s the inscription I want tho)

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Some of the hats I’ve been lusting after on Twitter aren’t they burriful.

4. Dee Mako (HDHQ Goods) Planner – I can’t stop thinking of how much I really need this planner in my life. I already entered a giveaway contest on Instagram so I can get my hands on them, If that doesn’t fall through then I’d have to put plan B in action (don’t ask me what it is).

All orders are out of the HQ as at now // to order yours kindly DM or email

A post shared by HeartDictions HQ 💊 (@heartdictions) on

My favorite, The Adire cover.

Y’all should also try to cop’ this Blog Life planner it’s super useful, and it comes with a catch. All orders placed before the 23rd of December comes with free delivery so hurry while offer lasts (Hehehe … I should be a marketer or PR person aswear)

5. Backpacks – Last but not the least, Y’all know I have a love for satchels and now I’m starting to have a thing for backpacks, esspecially the multipurpose types ( which can be used as backpack or satchel).

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These pieces from @LarmiesThriftstore on Instagram have got me dying. Larmie has the coolest pieces and her stuff are affordable. Hoping to cop’ something from her soon, because the way her stuff gets sold out ehn un-boolievable! Proof that she has cool stuff.

So that’s it guys somebody surprise me soon, soon. You might also be wondering why I was super excited earlier on, Well my blog turns a year in about 3 days and it’s been quite a journey. There’s still a lot to do but I definitely know I’ll get there.

So keep up with me here and on my social media accounts  Instagram and Twitter (@WanShyGirl) also follow my Facebook page WanShyGirl Blog, I just might have something in store for you my wonderful followers 😉

Till next time,



2 thoughts on “My Current Wishlist #2”

  1. My wishlist is quite similar, well except for the baseball hats. But really, wigs are the way forward, they save time and energy. I haven’t braided my hair in 4 years, imagine my joy when I discovered crochet braids. You can try crochet, your hair is safely tucked underneath so your hair doesn’t show. 🖒🖒

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