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90’s Kool Keed Look + A Quick Life Lessons Recap!

Hola Fam!

It’s just been a couple of days since I dropped the previous post, check it out here if you haven’t, but for consistency sake, I have to drop the weekend post that has been in my draft for some days.


Whoever says blogging is easy is such a joke. Blogging totally goes beyond writing your thoughts and publishing it for your audience, there are levels to the process mahn.

Anyways I digress, this is actually the last weekend in November and this post should actually be a Tales from the Town (TFTT) post but I already dropped a life lately post last weekend, but to fulfil all righteousness let me drop some banter.


First off, this NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) thing is not beans ooo, regardless of where you are posted to, be it city, town or village. So far, I have spent seven months here (excluding the weeks spent in camp) and I’m already counting down the remaining months.

It’s been quite an experience though no lies, but there is no place like home. I was posted to a High school as an English language teacher (I was disappointed at the beginning because I was expecting something communications related) and I was skeptical because I had no teaching experience and the stories I was hearing were not even encouraging.


Well, I have about 4 months to go and I’m not certain I’ll have that teaching experience LMAO! Why? You might ask, I can actually count the number of times I’ve entered the class, No! I’m not dodging work, the State Government recently shut down the school because of a little unrest. Therefore I’ve not been to work in over a month.

Hahaha! this post is stylishly getting long ooo, anyways the point is this month I haven’t been to work, although I recently started attending a skills acquisition class, it has just been eating, sleep, CDS, religious activities, repeat and sometimes skills class (deets later stay tuned for more)


Now my clothes are getting tight and I’m spending more on food 😦 Major reason why I can’t wait to go home and be temporarily dependent πŸ˜€ this adult life is not it oh! How y’all surviving?

Now down to this outfit, I’m sorry for all the talk I just felt to share, I had some Ankara (African Print) material lying around and I decided to make it into something. So I gave it to a friend who is a newbie tailor to make this ruffle -off the shoulder top.


The off-shoulder trend goes wayyyyy back to the 90’s and perhaps beyond, fast-forward to 2016 it’s been trending like crazyyyyyyy and although I have a few off shoulder tops and dresses.

This is my first ruffle off -shoulder top (this has really been trending too). My friend did a good job eh? It’s good to support friends who own businesses and brands no matter how small.

I went on to pair my top with these shorts I wear around the house. I’ve decided to call them mom shorts because they are high -waisted (had to hold it well with a belt tho), snug at the top yet a bit loose at the bottom.

I also added a choker, my clear aviators (and round -reflector sunnies) and these rib -caged handmade sandals.

90’s Kool Keed is readddddyyyyyy to slayyyyyyyy!


Mehn!!! I didn’t mean for this post to be this long o! bear with me. I suppose I just have tons to say, I still have more but I’ll just keep it for later.

So now its your turn to share your thoughts. What’s your take on this outfit? Did you jump on the off -shoulder bandwagon this year? I’d love to hear from you for reals.

P.S – These pictures were not taken for the blog, but I loved the outcome and I thought to share anyways. Btw ain’t my #TWA popping?? smiling in self obssessed

Disclaimer – This outfit is something I’d totally wear to the beach or a resort, you can never catch me wearing this out in the streets abeg oooo!

Outfit Details

Off-Shoulder Top – Tailored

Mom Shorts – Thrifted

Belt – Thrifted

Sandals – Hand Made

Sunnies – Retail Market , Gift

Till next time,


11 thoughts on “90’s Kool Keed Look + A Quick Life Lessons Recap!”

  1. I’m an off shoulder person and people have even tagged me lol. I just love how cool it is and your friend did a good job . Mehn can we exchange lives right now? I’ll do anything to rest from work lol . P.S don’t be in a rush to end NYSC o, the real life is crazy mehn and so just have plenty fun now .


    1. Hahaha I totally know you’re an offshoulder person. Haha exchange? I’m not sure you’ll love to do so, I know the real life is mad real I’m just being human never fully content. I’m just making the most of it all. Thanks for stopping by I really appreciate ☺☺☺.
      Please come again next time


    1. Hahaha… I can’t wear this out of my house oooo. You know our people aren’t so open about short stuff especially short shorts but I know I can get away with this at the beach πŸ˜‰. Thanks tho please stop by again ☺

      Liked by 1 person

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