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Currently I Am 8

Hola Amigos!

This post is wayyyyyyy over due, but I’m dropping it anyways. I’m going to be brief and go straight to the point. As the topic suggests, this is a life lately post but there’s nothing going on  that you don’t know about already.

So here goes;

Currently I Am:

Wearing : less and NOT going out more (get it). Plus the weather has been crazy these days Harmattan is comminnngggg!!!

Scratch Winter insert Harmattan

Excited: because the year is gradually coming to an end and I cannot wait to be back in Lagos. I know I keep ranting about this in my posts, its just how life is right now.

Pissed : off with the Fall Season Finale of How To Get Away With Murder (An ABC TV Series), if you haven’t pre’d it yet please hop on the train before its too late. Anyways the mind fuckery (excuse my language) is too much Shonda; Ah! mean how can Wes be dead?? and I have to wait till January to find out how he died?? Shonda please fix this!!!

Obsessing: over my natural hair and its wonderful growth. Maybe I would blog about my #NaturalHair Journey sometime.

Loving: my hurrrrrrrrrrr and its growth *inserts self-obsessed* emoji.

Craving: fried prawns and any other related sea food. This is actually a weird craving, perhaps I have been eating too much meat.

Wishing: for a Dee Mako 2017 Planner. I’m so in love with the one with the Adire cover, so who wants to be nice and get me one? Anyone??

Please, Please someone gift me the adire journal

Missing : home and the baby girl stage of my life. I don’t want to adult no more, I’m too young for all these. :'((

Looking forward: to travelling home to be with my family and achieving all the things I could not do last time I was home.

Appreciating : Jehovah’s blessings in my life. This past month I have come to realize that unnecessary anxiety doesn’t pay off, rather reliance on the Almighty is the only way out.

“…throw all your anxiety on him (JEHOVAH), because he cares for you” – 1 Peter 5 :7


So that’s it guys, I’m glad I could finally put this up. The updated WordPress app for Android is really giving me problems one of the reasons for the delay. Hopefully I can work my way around it soon-ish.

Thanks for stopping by, do like this post, drop a comment and keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram (@WanShyGirl).



Till next time,

I’m also obsessed with my Bitmoji, I think she dresses way cooler than I do in actual life. You should check out the Bitmoji App. Thank Me Later. 








2 thoughts on “Currently I Am 8”

    1. Awwww… I don’t even feel like the hair is growing quickly, thanks tho. The key is to have healthy hair there’s no competition. I hope so too ooo. I even had to enter a giveaway (fingers crossed on that) just so I can get the planner, If not its to drink garri for few weeks ooo 😀 🙂 Thanks for dropping by, please stop by some other time.

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