5 Nigerian Brands I’m Rooting For

Heyyy there, Awesome fellow, You yes! you, thanks for stopping by my blog once again your readership is highly appreciated.

So its another month, yes! November is here and before you say “Bob’s your Uncle” December would come rolling by. I’m super eager for the days ahead.

If you are an active social media user, you would recall that the rave last weekend was the Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW) which i wrote  about here. There were so many reviews of the event it felt as if I attended in person.

Fashion week actually made me appreciate our Nigerian designers and this made me realize that we have come a long way in the fashion industry and we surely have a lot more to unveil. Therefore I was inspired to pen down this post.

In this post I’ll be showcasing five Nigerian brands I’m rooting for in no particular order.

Here goes;

  1. Dricky Stickman Art – Fred Aghuno

Fred Aghuno is a personification of artistic talent. There’s nothing he can’t do art wise. He designs sets, paints footwear and even clothing.

He became quite famous after painting popular Nigerian actress’, Genevieve Nnaji’s, Hermes Birkin bag. I mean just type in Fred Aghuno and the Birkin bag story pops up.

I’ve been following this guy wayyyy before the Birkin Bag thing, mainly because we share the same alma mater ( GREATEST AKOKAITES!!!LOL jK!) and he’s also related to the next person  on this list.

If you don’t believe Fred a.k.a Dricky Stickman is super talented check out the pictures below.

@Regrann_App from @_ujumarshall – Walking FRUCHE @lfdw – #regrann

A post shared by D R I C K Y S T🚹C K M A N (@dricky_) on

This was from the recently held LFDW, Fred painted this for his twin brother’s (Oops! I already let the cat out of the bag) fashion line Fruche.


A post shared by D R I C K Y S T🚹C K M A N (@dricky_) on

Hand Painted Denim? What’s not to love??

👸: @moshy___ 📷: @andikan_

A post shared by D R I C K Y S T🚹C K M A N (@dricky_) on

💪: @derekbassey 📷: @andikan_ #DrickyStickman #HandPainted #Denim #Art

A post shared by D R I C K Y S T🚹C K M A N (@dricky_) on

Dricky Stickman Denim is for both sexes, so hit him up if you love what you see and I don’t mind getting a jacket as a gift I’m too scared to ask for price.


2. Fruché – Frank Aghuno
(@frankbydesign_ on Instagram)

So I already gave you a hint as to who’s next on my list so no need for story. Frank is Fred’s twin brother and he’s equally as talented as his brother. Frank became popular when his team (TeamMeddlane) won the  Fayrouz L’Original Expression Show (a fashion competition open to undergraduates, fresh graduates and members of the National Youth Service Corps between the ages of 18-24. The platform helps to discover, reward and celebrate budding talents in fashion designing, make-up artistry, modeling and photography) in 2015.

Ever since, Frank has been going places and wow-ing us with his creation. The Fruche brand also caters to both sexes. I esspecially love his use of color and the structure of his pieces.

Here are some of my favorites:




Anything with a collar is a classic fave for me plus the color too bomb 💣 👌

fruche-13 I call this wearable -art. Ah mean look at those pants ❤

These are from his Nkeiruka collection

 Still on Fruché ;

He totally has a way with collars 




Remember this? Yes! the full look. Frank designed and Fred painted such a talented duo


Thats him right there, the brains behind all these

This collection was shown at the LFDW 2016


3. Coz Designs (Leather Satchels and Purses) – Ore and Adanna

If you know me very well or are an avid reader of my blog you’ll know i have a thing for satchels and cute backpacks. So when i stumbled on Coz Designs on Instagram and I found out they are a Nigerian brand I knew i had to put them on my list.

The brains behind the brand, you wouldn’t believe how old they are.

I  want one but I’m too scared to ask for price

Hand made by us for you , just because you are awesome #style #fashion #madeinnigeria

A post shared by Coz (@coz_designs) on

Satchel 😍 😍 😍 🎒 

I feel inspired when I see young, talented and creative people doing all they can to make something for their people by their people.

4. DDavid Shoes – Unisex  Footwear

I also found this brand on Instagram, although I don’t have much information on the creatives behind it, I love the products and I’m willing to patronize if its within my pocket. DDavids caters to both male and female, so if you see what you like be sure to hit ’em up.

I’m in loooovvvvve with these sandals, zomebody cop them for me please 🙏 🙏🙏😭😭😭


5. Lawal Clothing Line – Lawal (@lawal_lcl on Instagram) 

Last but not the least here’s anothe budding brand, Lawal makes custom made tees,sweats,varsity jackets,hoodies you name it? Anything casual and chic he’s got you covered and he’s affordable. Lawal actually hit me up about a month or so, he needed bloggers to help him promote his “Akan Kente” collection and i decdided to assist because its really no big deal and  I truly loved what he was presenting (Lawal if you are reading this you owe me)

Two of my favorite things African Print and the color black.

Still loving this collection 💕 from @lawal_lcl . . . "AKAN KENTE" TEES This a collection of tees inspired by the beauty of "KENTE" which has always been said to be an old cloth but the glamorous nature of it, makes it not just any old cloth. "KENTE" first emerged in West Africa (Ghana) during the first century. KENTE means basket while the AKAN also refer to it as NWENTOMA which means 'Woven Cloth'. "KENTE" cloth varies with different designs,colors,amd patterns each having their own special meaning and stories. For this Collection we decided to select a particular pattern that consists of the following colors: GREEN- good health YELLOW- preciousness,royalty BLACK -maturation WHITE – purification RED – sacrificial rites LAWAL CLOTHING LINE brings to you CONTEMPORARY wears mixed with the "KENTE" AFRICAN PRINT at SUPER affordable prices.

A post shared by Ẹ́bùnolúwa (@wanshygirl) on

So if you see what you love, hit him up and tell him Ebun sent you maybe he might consider giving you a discount HaHAhhaha hopefully.  😂😂😂

Phew!!! This has really been a long ass post but I enjoyed writing it. I really love the fact that young creatives are springing up daily and creating amazing products here in Nigeria this is inspiring me to do something so watch out you never know what is coming your way.  The only glitch I have with some Nigerian brands are the prices  of their products not all are pocket friendly esspecially for an average Nigerian like me.

So, thats it guys its my turn to hear from you.

Have you ever purchased any Made In Nigeria product? If yes, were the prices pocket friendly?

Which Nigerian Brands would you recommend? Whats your take on my list?

Till next time,






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    1. Hahaha total opposite of what I was feeling, I was glad I wasn’t there because I couldn’t even afford to go and it still felt like I was present because Social Media. Maybe in the nearest future I’ll attend just to say been there done that. Hopefully you do too. Thanks for stopping by I totally appreciate ☺☺


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