#LFDW2016 and My #JOMO

Welcome to a new week guys, am I the only one who’s glad that fashion week is finally over? I had to wait for it to be over before I could drop a new post because the buzz was just too much and I was getting sick (yes! I am hating)


Mutual Feels Sogie love ❀


On a norm I should be writing a Tales from the Town post but there’s really nothing new hence this. You can read previous tales here , here and here tho.

The just concluded Lagos Fashion and Design Week held from October 26th – 29th and although I didn’t attend in person I had the total feel from the comfort of my room via social media and blogs.


Hence I share the sentiments of Sogie expressed on Twitter


and that’s the reason for my JOMO (Joy of Missing Out)

I mean I didn’t have to pay a fortune (in my opinion the tickets are quite expensive for an hustling geh like me)


to be at the event and it still felt like I was there all through the four days (tho electricity was a b**ch this week). Thanks to all the awesome bloggers I follow on Instagram, Instastory is the shizznit.

So what actually went down at the #LFDW2016?

Well Fashion Week is all about showcasing wears made by home based designers.
Some slayed it, some were just there and others were nothing to write home about (Wanger Ayu no shade intended).

One of the Slayers – Nuraniya Studios





Temitayo Nathan (TINathan) also kilt it with his inscription tees and bomber jackets.



Also for the first time in Lagos Fashion Week history curvy models walked the runway and I’m honored to know one of them personally (see me famzing)



There was also a semi Hilary Clinton campaign via Kiki Kamanu πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„


Strut,Strut, Nikki

A Feminist Movement,


From the FruchΓ© Brand, Art by Dricky Stickman


And even a proposal πŸ’ 🌹 (this got me hating sha 😌 πŸ˜ͺ)

All in all, I’m certain LFDW2016 was a success, although there were complaints about the organization and time management but I’m certain it was a great avenue to network and appreciate Nigerian Brands.

I don’t see myself attending anytime soon (in person) as I’m not much of the social type and I’m frugal to the core πŸ˜„πŸ˜„, blame this on my ma, BUT! if I ever get free tickets and a ride too I’d definitely make an appearance just to say BEEN there DONE that.

Many thanks to the bloggers who kept us posted all through the event, thanks for sacrificing your data and battery. We truly appreciate.

Social Media Attendance is surely the way forward, all you need is a full battery and adequate data and you good to go πŸ˜‰

Looking forward to #LFDW2017 and the bants that follow through.

Did you attend?
What’s your take on Fashion Week?
Would you love to attend sometime in future?

P.S – If you want full deets on the event just hop on to Instagram and search for #LFDW2016 so much info would pop up you’ll be either mad or glad you missed out.

Till then,



7 thoughts on “#LFDW2016 and My #JOMO”

    1. Babe Keeping up with events via social media is the surest way ooo. I can’t say about the VIP thing, but we all know events have VIP and Regulars, I suppose it’s a class distinction thing. Well, na the organizers go fit give me proper answer LOL πŸ˜‚. Thanks for stopping by I tots appreciate 😊😊


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