Fall Season Style Inspo – Olive on Olive 2

Hello Fashion Forward Folks,
I’m glad you stopped by again, I totally appreciate it. As promised here’s the sequel to the monochromatic olive look I first posted here.

Fall Fashion Inspo

As stated, I had a shoe malfunction and decided to change shoes and location. I switched my high-heeled sandals for a pair of Tory Burch wedges and the greenery for a plain wall, notice that I also rolled up the sleeves of my shirt (totally love shirts designed this way).

Fall Fashion Inspo

Enough talking (typing), let the pictures do the talking.

Fall Fashion Inspo


Fall Fashion Inspo
Tory Burch Wedges

Fall Fashion Inspo

Fall Fashion Inspo
Anything works as a prop for me

Outfit Details
Shirt || Lagos Island
Skirt || Lagos Island
Wedges || Tory Burch
Satchel || Thrift Find
Photography || M📷B Photogrvphy (@baylowabby on Instagram)

So there you go guys, which look do you prefer Style 1 or Style 2? Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by once again.

Till next time,



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