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So I’ve been trying to drop this post since the weekend but my service providers won’t let me be great.

Any who, hope we’re all enjoying this looooooonnnng ass break because I sure am.

This is going to be a really brief post too.

If you recall in this post I mentioned that I hadn’t gotten the chance to pair my Oxfords with pants, therefore when I went home and the opportunity presented itself I grabbed it.

I paired the oxfords with my DIY frayed hem jeans, a crisp white chiffon shirt and my favorite burgundy satchel.








I really don’t know what to tag this look so I’ll just go with androgynous.

There you go, below are the
Outfit Details
Shirt || Lagos Island
Jeans || Thrifted/DIY
Oxfords || Sam and Libby
Satchel || Thrifted
Photography || MOB Photogrvphy

Wear would you wear this to?
What would you tag this type of style??
Do you prefer the shirt tucked in or out?

I’d love to know your thoughts.

Till next time,



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