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Tales From the Town #3

It’s really hard to believe that 4 weeks ago we were super excited about the month of August and it’s gone like poof! Out goes August in comes September, time sure does fly.

This is totally a sign that we need to speed up whatever our hands find doing because the end is near and the days are wicked.

This post is supposed to be a run down of what went down (I’ve got bars LOL ) in the town in this past month, but the thing is I spent most of my days out of town because I went home as mentioned in this post

August was really a busy month in the Nigerian Fashion Blog Industry, there were quite a number of events and tons of pictures on social media enough to give you major FOMO (Google this one 😝)

Sadly, I couldn’t attend any of the events or be part of all the fun because I was struggling with poor health, still on the matter but we thank God, yet I was able to do a little shopping and ticked off some things off my wishlist mentioned here

In case you don’t know, shopping always brings me joy and getting things at a super affordable price totally excites me. So it was a bit of consolation because I got the items at really good prices.

Who doesn’t like cheap stuff eh?

So here’s to ticking off my wishlist;


I’ve been really wanting a pair of clear aviators and I put them on my wish list and eventually a very good friend got them for me yaaaayyy!


I initially planned to get these lipsticks in Ruby Woo and Nude Girl, but then one can never have too many red lipsticks,so i got Ruby Woo, Lady Gaga and Classic Wine. So far my favorite is Lady Gaga.

You’d never imagine how much I got these? Just N350 each un-boolievable right? That’s why I said it was total consolation for me missing all those events.


In my wishlist I mentioned I wanted a baseball hat like badly, because I’ve seen ladies rock it really nicely. Because of my limitations I couldn’t really search around for the perfect one, but as fate would have it on my way home from the market I caught sight of this baseball hat on a road side retailer’s stand, I even had to get down from the bus so I wouldn’t lose it and it was truly worth it.I thrifted this bad boy for just N250.
I totally love the tomato reddishness LOL and the way it fits perfectly (slay pictures coming later).

The liquid foundation and choker were extras.
Go check out my wishlist post to find out the items I’m yet to get and maybe a super nice person would gift me the remaining items ☺☺☺.

Lest I forget did I also mention that I’ve joined the #GafaSandals geng? Grace Alex CEO of Gafa Sandals recently gifted me with a pair of slippers and I’m forever grateful.


I think that’s enough typing for now, starting to get hungry, hope you were able to catch up with all I did in August. Hoping this September turns out right for everyone.

Happy Weekend!

Thanks for stopping by,



10 thoughts on “Tales From the Town #3”

  1. Who doesn’t love food haha…. Great boys you’ve got! I am still searching for aviators too (well not really since I haven’t categorically stepped out to buy one) but it’s on my wish list!!


  2. Glad you finally ticked off a lot of items on your wishlist. Not a big fan of classic lipstick. Been using my sleek Russian roulette for a while somehow it mysterious diappeared. I might just try the classic, I never wear make up these days so I’ve bothered shopping for any.
    I need a baseball hat in my life, I actually have one but for some reason I’m longthroating for another. I’m prolly going to end up snatching one from a friend.
    My Style Look book Series

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well we all have our favorite brands but there’s no harm in trying. Hahaha we all longthroat for other people’s stuff all the best with the snatching πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Thanks for stopping by too 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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