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Currently I Am 6

Time sure does fly, I can’t believe it’s almost a year since I left Uni. With all these final year banter I’m seeing all over social media I’ve come to see that “Real Life” really has come to stay .

Anyways, it’s another WEEK and I’m super excited to say I’m back home yaaaaaayyyyy!!! Hoping to make the best of the TWELVE days I’ve got.

So let’s get to it already shall we?

Currently I Am;

Wearing: an oversized inscription tee (I have a thing for inscription tees) I stole from my friend :mrgreen::mrgreen: it’s really comfy and all, of course I’m wearing shorts too.

Feeling: excited because I’m finally home

Craving: tons of sweet stuff, hopefully my teeth don’t fall out before I’m 40 (NEVER LOL)

Dreading: The journey back to the Town, I wish I could be here for more than two weeks but I just can’t *sad*

Wishing: I had more time to spend at home

Loving: the chance to catch up with my family and friends

Planning: to shop till my pocket begs me to stop, visit friends and take tons of blog photos that would last me a while.

Missing: not missing anything (at least for now ), Well now that I think of it I miss the student life.

Looking forward to: having a great time within twelve days.

Appreciating: God’s blessings in my life and my wonderful family.

So that’s it guys, a style post is definitely going to be up next weekend, be on the lookout.

I also have something to share with you guys, if you are a lover of fashion and handmade things, especially African Prints you should check out Firame Afrik

Firame Afrik is an African Brand that produces authentic African wears, footwear, bags and accessories.


You stand to get a 25% discount when you purchase goods $75 above and use my special code WSGFA, yeah I know how crazy the exchange rate is now but you wouldn’t want this to pass you by would you?

So check out the site today and ensure to order something 😉

Till next time,


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