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Tales From the Town #2

Wow! How time flies? August is here already (technically in two days time) just yesterday it was the last day in June and I was rambling about being away from home and all.

I’ve decided to do this series on the last weekend of every month till the end of my service year, just to keep you abreast with my experiences and all.

I can rightly say that these past four weeks have been wayyyyy better than the previous. I believe I’ve fully adjusted and made the right number of friends (I’m really not one to have a bevy of friends)

Work was also pretty good and now I’m currently on break until September which means I’d be going home soon baby. Whoop!! Whoop!!! I’m super excited because I’ve got tons of things planned out when I get home. Praying everything works out as planned.


Allow me to digress a little, I’d like to shift attention to someone other than me. If you were active online this past week (especially on Twitter and Instagram) you must have seen hashtags and posts soliciting for funds from Nigerians to save a particular lady who is suffering from ovarian cancer.

Sadly, I couldn’t contribute but my heart went out to her. I was really glad when it was announced that the N32 million naira target was reached, fast forward to Thursday (July 28, 2016) I woke up to Tweets and Instagram posts that the whole thing was a scam and all according to a particular blogger. If you were active online you obviously know the whole story.

Now where am I headed? I read the whole thing and I was super pissed (not at the sick person but the blogger in question). I mean we were so happy that we still had kind hearted Nigerians and all of sudden you come out to say otherwise. I don’t care if it was a scam, the point is they asked and people gave willingly.

There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving

And if she ends up not surviving, we know we have helped out a family in their times of distress.
Plus only God knows the true story and he will judge those who slander others just because of their selfishness and love of money.

***DROPS MIC ***

I feel better after typing that sermon, so that’s it guys hopefully a Style Post would be up in subsequent weeks.

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And also let me know what your take is on the scam issue mentioned above?

Thanks for stopping by.

Till next time,



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