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Currently I Am 5

Hello lovelies, the weekend is finally here.
I’m not super excited for the weekend because we already had a really long holiday (3 days with no where to go was really longggg)

Also a lot has really being going on in this country (Nigeria) and other parts of the world. The social media world was totally blowing up because of the murder of two innocent black men by the police (this really isn’t news anymore); Hence, the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

In matters like this I hate to take sides or even express myself because it hurts and just goes to show that we live in the last days and soon this unjust and wicked system of things would soon come to an end.

Therefore, I believe that #AllLivesMatter in the sight of God

Until we have this mindset and consider everybody equally this problem would remain.

Having said that (phewwww!) here’s what I’ve been up to lately;

Currently I Am;

Wearing: An oversized tee and shorts, comfort is key.

Feeling: sober and calm.

Craving: absolutely nothing

Dreading: the coming holidays, schools would soon be on vacation and that means no work for like a month, I really need to get something to keep me busy.

Wishing: all this injustice could end right now

Loving: my current mood

Planning: to learn new things during my little vacation and also go home to see my family and the latest addition to my extended family (my niece).

Missing: my family and friends back home

Looking forward to: having a productive week

Appreciating: the gift of life and the blessings from Jehovah

What’s your take on the injustices in this world?

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Till next time,


4 thoughts on “Currently I Am 5”

  1. I love the #AllLivesMatter perspective, because its the truth… Currently I am dreading the future, but praying for strength to overcome. Have an amazing vacation.


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