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Tales From TheTown #1

Hello guys,
Happy new month to you. The year has officially been cut in half its not been rosy but I’m trying to to make the best out of the rest of the year.

I actually spent almost 45 minutes typing this post last night but somehow it just didn’t publish crazy network down here

So here I am typing it all over again *Aaarrrrgggghhh*
It’s been a month since I moved away from home and a lot has happened. I miss the stress of Lagos and my family wahala.

So down to the gist,
Life in a not so exposed environment can really be tough plus it takes time to adjust and make new friends.My days have practically been lazy, go to “work”, eat, sleep, binge on series, engage in religious activities and repeat the cycle . I’ve been doing this for the past four weeks and it’s starting to bore me.
The only thing I find solace in is dressing up and taking pictures of my outfits.

I BELIEVE in KNOWING what makes you HAPPY and DOING it.

Just for fun, I paired my black off-shoulder dress with one of the vintage shirts I recently thrifted. I was trying to be decent and still look good, because here you can’t dress anyhow ooo!

The Dress 😍
I need more of these

Dress plus Vintage Shirt as a kimono/jacket





So that’s it (wish I could type some more but I’m losing my mojo), I sure feel good when I get up in the morning, put together an outfit and show it off to people. It might not be expensive or spectacular but it’s my style and I’m proud of it.
I’m doing all I can to make the best out of the nine months (Yeah! I’m counting down) left; so I can share more of my tales with you all.

Outfit Details

Dress || Lagos Island
Flats || Balogun Market
Shirt || Thrifted

Would you love to read more Tales from the Town?

What do you love doing that truly makes you happy? I’d love to know

Till next time,


6 thoughts on “Tales From TheTown #1”

    1. Hey thanks so much. I guess I’ll have to put up the picture of the dress. I’m currently serving in Osun State. Thanks a lot still I appreciate 😊😊


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